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  1. I went with my family to NYC back in November . We did more site seeing and shopping than caching . I got to do one cache and it was GREAT . GC4D7F---The Empire Strikes Back This cache is at the Empire State Building . If you dont do the cache its worth the trip to the over look , the view is fantastic . Check out the gallery on this cache you will see what Im talking about .
  2. we where at a State Park looking for a cache and walking on a trail that went by a river . There was a small group of people looking out to the other side of the river and we stopped to see what they where doing . They where bird watching and they asked us if thats what we where doing and I said yea sure thats what we where doing also .
  3. magpi.us although it in WV not PA it very close to you in Uniontown . It maybe closer than the groups from PA . There is alot of cachers from Morgantown . With the toll road finally being completed on the WV side , I think Uniontown is less than a half hour drive to Morgantown now .
  4. Thanks every one for the help ( keep them coming ) . When I find out more details I will post them that should help you guys and make it easier to help me , again thanks for all of the help and keep it coming I will need all the help I can get for this trip .
  5. Im not sure what location we are getting dropped off at . All I know as of now that it is a day trip that my family and I are taking . The bus will be dropping us off early in the morning and picking us up in the late evening .
  6. I will be going on a bus trip to New York City on November 26 . I would like to know what would be some of the better caches to find . Also one that would be quick and easy to find so it wouldn't take up to much time . If anyone who lives there or has been there caching would like to share ant helpful advice or tips to make this a very enjoyable trip . Any help will be greatly appreciated .
  7. This cache is close to where I live GC1d95D Local Legends : Witch Hunt Near Mannington wv ,The Witches grave on highlands -- They say a long time ago there was a witch and a warlock buried in the church cemetery and the tombs are turned upside down . They say if you go up there late at night you will see glowing in the woods and here strange noises . Many sightings of the witches have been seen . Also it a night cache , It took me two tries to find this cache and I have never seen anything out of the ordinary at this cemetery .
  8. How many firefighter gecaches are out there . Also has using a GPS ever helped you in any way on calls .
  9. If you want to meet them, you'll have to give information on how to contact you. Imagine them asking for firemanjim903mfd at customer service. I had a similar situation. I held a Christmas event in the auditorium where I work. At a subsequent event, while trading travel bugs with a pair local cachers, I inadvertantly dropped my spare set of car keys in with the TBs I had given them. A few days later, they show up at work to return my keys and suddenly realize that they had forgotten my real name. I work in a government style high security environment bordering on TSA scrutiny. At the time I was the Swing Shift Supervisor of those forces. So picture these folks coming in on the Day Shift and not knowing exactly who they needed by name and asking for me by my Geonick. Long story short, I got my keys back with about a month's worth of ribbing about it. OK thanks for the help . I might just do it , but I would put my first name on the cache listing
  10. I have a cache hidden where I work GC1YQCE "the don't get board cache" It is hidden at a hardware -lumber yard like a smaller version of Lowe's .I have never meet a cacher that had found it . Should I put on the cache listing that the owner of the cache works here ?
  11. I took my ammo can to a local machine shop and had it sandblasted . It removed all of the rust and old paint down to the bare metal . Then I put on a good coat of primmer and the painted it OD green and it looks like new . This way is a lot easier than using sand paper .
  12. GC2T3K5 GC2TM5Q GC2T3MY the caches are at Curtisville Lake near Mannington WV . To most people this would be a small Lake . It was built back in the 70s for flood control .
  13. There is a lake near me that has an island that I would love to put a cache on , but I don't have a boat .
  14. I have thought about putting in a new cache a gift certificate($10.00 ) to the Hardware store I work at . It would let me meet cachers and help our business . How about that would that be OK .
  15. Naw, not that big of a can of worms. It used to be a lot worse when the practice was more widespread. Bottom line is, this is allowed!! But if your conscience tells you it's cheesy, than you made your decision. Why are you afraid to log a regular cache now though? I was just joking in the regular caches . Im not rally afraid just dont want to make another big stink .
  16. Thanks for the help answering my question . I got WAY more help than I had bargained for and I didn't intend on opening a BIG can of worms . I went to the event over the weekend and I didn't log the temporary caches that I found and I even went as far as taking off the temporary caches that I logged last year . I had NO intent on logging this years temporary caches . I was just wondering on what to do with the ones that I had logged last year ( hey, it was my first event last year and I had only been caching for less than 6 month ) so I should have have asked this question a little bit different .The bottom line is last year I didn't know any better and now this year I do . Now I'm afraid to log a regular cache .
  17. I have a quick question . Im going to an event tomarrow can I log the temp caches as a regular find ?
  18. I was so excited that I found it . It took me longer to load the coords in my GPS than it did walking from my house to the cache . AS for as saving my first trade item , I never thought of it and I wish I had done that .
  19. No I haven't lost one YET . But the first time I found one When I unscrewed the cap I didn't even take the log out and sign it because I just knew that I could not have got it back in .
  20. I'm going to have to put this one one on my kids shoulder and blame them . If we're out caching and I didn't bring any swag and they find something they want to trade " but we didn't bring any swag " Now when they tag along its the first thing I ask them before we leave home ."Did you get your swag bag ? " So to make a long story shot that why I have put money in caches before .
  21. OK not to change the subject . Where do you get the pen at ?
  22. I have a 550T and I use a lanyard , it sure is handy .
  23. Is there a way to take off the list that show ( found caches )
  24. How can I flop the Image when I print it ( make it backwards ) to put it on a coin
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