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  1. Did I email you about trades? If so, just ignore this message. Thanks! CA
  2. In Canada we have July 1st....mmmmm maybe just a Christmas in July? As for March I'm agreeing this year might be too close together.... I'll go for the one UOTrackers is planning for easter but will pass on March sorry... Just my thoughts. Cache Agent
  3. June your anniversary July Special US holiday May your wife/husband Bday
  4. Very nice! But I won't be greedy, I like the turtle... hehehe CA
  5. 1. Magellan Explorist 200 yellow 2. Range Finder January 2007 3. Quigley Jones 4. Left (55) I'm giving up after this guess... CA
  6. I know the answer to this!!!!!! the Sport Trak screen died! CA
  7. LMAO NO ONE has EVER guessed my age at older than I am!!!!!!! I felt soooo bad after I posted 50.... but I'm horrible with age! CA
  8. 1. Magellan Explorist 200 (anthus said first, but I found info and I can tell you where! ) 2. Range Finder January 2007 3. Quigley Jones 4. Both! (hopefully not) mmmmm right
  9. 4T I know what thats for, actually researched a bit..... (for Tom) (4 T) woohooo! I knew something! CA
  10. 1. Magellan explorer 200 (researched!) 2. Victory Mike (since everyone else is saying it) 3. Quigley Jones (since everyone else is saying it) 4. You'll be 50 (you look much younger) I'm guessing that your age is the problem at the moment
  11. I sent you an email last night, just wondering if you got it? Cache Agent PS: Edit to say that I offered for Ontario or Quebec in Canada.
  12. Last guess... 1. Emap 2. Compass Rose 3. forgot the question, oh yes read somewheres but can't remember the answer. 4. I'm guessing 34 Night am off to bed! Cache Agent
  13. Have fun am off to bed! night Cache Agent PS: I'll take a trade in the future if your interested ! LOL worth a try!
  14. Oprah and her younger years? I'm off to bed its midnight... have fun! Cache Agent
  15. Ok before I miss out on this.... I want in on the secret mission..... not to host it but to be part of the exchange.... Pwease don't forget me! CA
  16. LOL well they guessed my wedding anniversary.... My guesses... no clue here.... When is my wedding anniversary is? June 24th What happens the day before my anniversary? You panic cause you have no present What happens the day after my anniversary? Your on the couch cause you had no present MMMMmmmmmm unless your the wife.... then .... When is my wedding anniversary is? June 25th What happens the day before my anniversary? You start leaving hints.... What happens the day after my anniversary? You snuggle up to the body pillow....
  17. Ok I'll give it a try.... The questions: 1. What GPSr do I use? Be specific A very nice and useful one that helps you a great deal to find lots of caches. 2. What was the last geocoin I bought? (as of 9:45pm EST) MMMmmmm hard one....mmmmm I would say..... Compass Rose 2007 3. I was the secret cupid for which cacher? (Fluttershy is not the answer I'm looking for) I thought you weren't allowed to say! 4. Final question Ladies don't usually reveal their ages--or do we? How old will I be on my next birthday? A wise old (not literally) gal! I would sayyyyyyyyyy 30 ish
  18. Awwwwwww geee wittikers..... I'm still too new to know you LadyBee! mmmmmm I'll tell ya my age! Will that count? LOL just kidding, Everyone have fun! Cache Agent
  19. It doesn't drip anymore... Wewwwwwwww... I just gave a Gas Can coin away and was thinking "Phoooweee" did I just give a cool icon coin away? Cache Agent
  20. Sorry I'm not adding to the Compass Rose request.... I'm looking for a 9key coin All Season Fall Antique Silver Marmacette Nickel Belken Thanks for looking! CA
  21. I would be interested in a trade... if possible. CA
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