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  1. Himalyan!!!! LOL looking good!
  2. First off.... no you did not over look something... You do what you can do and don't feel bad... I'm only going to be able to send 2-3 coins and just thought of a pin I'm going to include.... its what ever you feel comfortable doing or able to do, I'm sure your secret leprechaun will understand and love their gifts.... Second... this is a nice fun game and I don't think anyone should feel guilty what so ever from any angle... the rules (guidelines hehehe couldn't resist) are just that to give a basis to play along and what ever a person gets or receives will be a wonderful thing... Everyone is having fun and thats what counts... Just my two cents, Cache Agent
  3. Oh my..... just like xmas all over again! LOL congrats on your presents! CA
  4. I'd say no. Since with nearly any "coupon" it's one per purchase. But if you were making two different coins, I think it would be a yes. I was thinking this, but the best way to find out is to ask... might be able to. CA
  5. Anything I could possibly offer for a Top 40? CA PS: goes and deletes old addy from her notepad list....
  6. Interesting, have been thinking along theses lines...mmmmm will have to do some research... what ever happen to the one in the rain CA
  7. GeoSmurfz ... your doing a great job... 1. Participating (done) 2. Received Name (done) 3. Researching (done) 4. Waiting for trades to arrive...
  8. Gives up.... if your looking for my lists..... like I mentioned before its in this topic thread in a post I put here... Thanks! CA Edit to say wooohooooooooooooooo! well duhhhhhhhhhh I finally got it!!!!
  9. I listed my seeking list in this topic somewheres... I did try to put it in the signature but it didn't work... CA
  10. Email Received... off to do some wheeling and dealing! Ca
  11. Wooohhooooo! been waiting.... impatiently but understand you have a lot going on.... but YES!!!! hehehe! CA
  12. Thanks PIF! Got mine the other day... CA
  13. I agree with this, having a secret mission every other month would burn me out. Sometimes one isn't finished when the other one is beginning to get planned. December Santa February Cupid April Bunny I agree... but between April and December seems a big time frame... Maybe one in there somewheres... CA Edited to say that its up to who ever is going to be hold them and really up to everyone else if they want to participate...
  14. Just posting so my seeking and trading list show up... My Trade List My Seeking List PS: Edited cause it didn't show up in my signature...
  15. Sits down, rubs hands together to get blood flowing.... Hello everyone, this is my first time putting a reply in this topic.... We get our mail on Saturdays (long story) anyways, and well here's my list for coins I got this past week... First I would like to thank everyone that has traded with me... I know I don't send out emails enough saying this... THANK YOU! Received... Shop99er #52 Ver. 3 2007 Coin Shop99er signature item (I believe *very nice!*) Shop99er path tag (sweet) Whitebear Bite Me Black Nickel Glow-in-the-dark Coin + Canadian Cacher pin The Rock Pile #68 Coin The Magic Coin Green Yemon Yime signature item (I believe *very nice!*) Chills Gold 2006 Coin Circle of Public Safety 2006 Coin Nebraska Kansas Bench Mark Coin (this coin is almost 3 inches wide!) Meades Ranch Washington, DC Bench Mark Coin PIF coin Thank you! Received a bunch of coins my husband bought... 8 Signal Decs Coins 2 Signal Jans 2007 Coins 1Signal Sept Coin 3 HAM Radio Coins 1 DEF CON Coin 2 Alberta Rose Coins Thanks for reading! Cache Agent Edited to fix a mistake with a year.
  16. I keep thinking of May Flowers when you say May Day.... I'm for either Bunny or May..... More for Easter tho. CA
  17. #46 here... just wondering if my name made the list was I suppose to get an email or is that only on monday after everyone has finished signing up? My first Secret Mission.. CA PS: Edited to say I'll add my seeking list in the next day or so... but will love her gift no matter what!
  18. You can do this. Your secret friend said so. Wellllllllllllllll twist my arm... I'm going to go email right now.... am in. LOL CA
  19. I feel better, was worried about this as well... will make a decision by sunday night. CA
  20. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh am trying to resist.... I'll decide tomorrow... really don't have much to offer.... might wait for Easter..... mmmmm oh but resisting is soooo hard.... CA
  21. Just revising my seeking list that I've posted here... 9key coin Belken Any Ranger216 trains ( I have set 1 & 4 gold and silver, check my keepers) Marmacette Nickel The Lost Cacher BN red letters Baby Loggerhead (BN, Gold, Silver) Loggerhead Micro Polished Gold Mr & Mrs Loggerhead LE BN I've removed a few but that doesn't mean I'm not looking just wanted to narrow it down to the ones I would like the most right now. Thanks for looking! CA My small trader list... should be getting more in soon, keep checking... Trader list
  22. Just a thought tho.... if the envelopes are stamped from another country the country they are in won't take the stamps.... I'm tired... did this make sense? CA
  23. *shudders* you don't want to know what June Bugs are.... I hate em! Dark brown beetles.... useless in my eyes .... But thats an idea for Secret June Bug CA
  24. Why not just call the June and Aug ones..... Secret June Exchange and Secret August Exchange.... Altho I am going to check out the calendar... only other thing for June is that its considered a wedding month.... CA
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