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  1. Got mine! Thanks! Now anyone interested in trading a silver??? hehehe ok I'm after all his train coins... hehehe Ranger you have any older ones hidden somewhere? LOL CA
  2. I'm interested in a 10-pack. please. CA
  3. My nominations in order... they've all made an impact on my life and either helped in my obsession or I've gotten them obsessed! LOL Moun10Bike (because he deserves it) BigJohnP (got me hooked!) Islander1988 (a really swell guy and is part of the group that got me hooked) Paulandstacey (giving up a 9key coin to me!) OshnDoc (won't give up his copper set!) Ranger216 (thinks I'm nuts I'm sure but keeps me addicted) UOtracker (she sent my little girl a purple racer!) and everyone else that has been sooooo sweet to me and put up with my emails and trade requests!
  4. Just revising my seeking list that I've posted here... Belken Any Ranger216 trains (check my keepers for ones I have) Marmacette Nickel The Lost Cacher BN red letters Baby Loggerhead (BN, Gold, Silver) Loggerhead Micro Polished Gold Mr & Mrs Loggerhead LE BN I've removed a few but that doesn't mean I'm not looking just wanted to narrow it down to the ones I would like the most right now. Thanks for looking! CA My small trader list... should be getting more in soon, keep checking... Trader list
  5. Considering I'm one of the ones that emailed asking about the black nickel one... sureeeeeeeeeeeee I'm with it LOL Anthus if you open the sales can you put me down for one black nickel! Thanks, CA
  6. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm here Effer bunny............ I have some chocolate for you........................ here Effer Bunny.................... EFFERRRRRRRRRR BUNNNNNYYYYYYYYYY .... come and get your chocolateeeeeeeee........................... ok...... I'm bribing the Effer Bunny for my little one..... she wants to pull his ears.... shhhh don't tell him..... CA edited to say.... chances are she'll want to eat his ears instead cause she just turned 1 and still in the put things in mouth stage...
  7. I've been busy, but just wanted to let you know I received your coins! Thanks! Ca
  8. Effer Bunny!!! Effer Bunny!!! Pwease come visit my darling Caitie!!! It was her Birthday the other day!!! and she even has her own cache!!! Pwease! Caitie's mom.... Holly aka Cache Agent
  9. Well, we're a little late posting this one as we had family visiting.... On March 21 about 10 mins before midnight as we were just about to head to bed, Hubby checked his email one last time... told me someone named Secret Agent logged one of our caches.... well needless to say we left Gramma babysitting and off we went for a an hour and half drive round trip at midnight... Hubby didn't know what was going on cause I hate night caching lol.... here's the cache we found #104 in.... GCJ8CR Will post pictures soon. Thanks Secret Agent! Holly aka Cache Agent
  10. Must resist ! Must resist! .... for now.... Have fun.... Must Resist! CA
  11. Beanies have bdays? April 23.... no idea which beany has the bday...
  12. No luck yet? Maybe the Secret Easter Bunny will surprise you... Hope it shows up. CA
  13. 1. Participating (done) 2. Received Name (done) 3. Mission Complete (at the post office was informed it will go out Monday at 3:00pm and it should arrive on time... if not closely late) 4. Leprechaun Arrived! (Received mine!) Feeling a bit better, but soar throat and starting to loose my voice a bit, hubby was thanking god last night when I starting to loose it....
  14. If I don't sound very excited... I'm currently fighting the flu and don't feel very excitable.... I laid in bed opening envelops last night took all my energy to open the VERY well taped envelops from various people (are you all scared the mailman might peek? shhheeeshhh am certain there was a roll of tape on each envelop!) Looked at the very nice coins this morning that my husband picked up out of the bed from around me... gotta check the bed again to make sure none got over looked. Back to bed for me again.... Happy St. Patty's! CA Edited to say I'm glad I'm not the only one getting the secret package out late...
  15. 1. Participating (done) 2. Received Name (done) 3. Mission Complete (on its way today, sorry was waiting for coins to come in) 4. Leprechaun Arrived! (Received mine!) Thank you Secret Leprechaun!!! Received.... Res2100 #348 (2005) Cache Slash Fest 2006 (wow when I put this one on my seeking list I was thinking wow would be nice if its possible to get one) Caching in the Leaves November 2006 Geoswag coin and pin club with the pin! (very nice!) Thank you! Cache Agent PS: Now to go and search my address book of geocoin traders to see if I can figure out who my Secret Leprechaun is! Sorry for getting mine out so late, will try to send it by a faster service then regular.
  16. Ok I think I got this fixed up.... I have the following Ranger coins Any Ranger216 trains ( I have set 1 of 4 gold (of 4 set) and foggy silver (of 2 set), check my keepers and seeking as I might have some coming in)
  17. Am still looking for theses.... altho I don't have much to offer for trade at the moment ... 9key coin Belken Any Ranger216 trains ( I have set 1 & 4 gold and silver, check my keepers) Marmacette Nickel The Lost Cacher BN red letters Baby Loggerhead (BN, Gold, Silver) Loggerhead Micro Polished Gold Mr & Mrs Loggerhead LE BN I've removed a few but that doesn't mean I'm not looking just wanted to narrow it down to the ones I would like the most right now. Thanks for looking! CA
  18. We can loan you coins for the pictures you want to take. You know where we live! But if you win it, can we be the first to 'Discover' it?? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok now to set up my idea... I'll contact ya!!! thanks! oh.... just read the rules, going back to re-read em... Thanks! CA
  19. I have a cool idea but don't have the coins.... but all the pics look wonderful so far! CA
  20. I recognize him!!!!! he's on hazards of caching coin!!!! Its one of my favs! (sorry it really happened didn't know it was a true picture) CA
  21. Actually mine is a Chocolate seal point Himalyan... (Siamese looking long hair, but don't tell her that) CA
  22. You don't have to buy them all, pick a color, a metal and buy one... or all... or none... its a personal decision, I'm picking one metal, one of each color... I don't have to but I want to.... CA
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