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  1. Ok as some of you might of noticed I love helping people find stuff... If anyone needs me to contact their secret mission to find out where their lists might be or if they could suggest something for their secret mission friend..... I don't mind, just send me an email.... I promise I won't tell! or do process of elimination no but honestly I don't mind helping if you need me to do some sleuthing... CA
  2. So sweet! Hope Glenn feels better. Sorry I missed getting on board. Cache Agent
  3. I've heard about this, but never really seen a picture of the coin... Its just tooo cute!!! I've got Irish in me!!! Congrats to all who found!!! CA
  4. Yes BigJohn is a SUPER nice guy!! So are many others too!! Congrats to all the recent finders!! We have hidden all our bug spray, fly swatters, ant traps, etc. We are now a 'bug friendly' home. I totally agree with Pengo.... BigJohn is an extremely nice guy.... loveable and huggable .... ok you have to ask for a hug first.... I'm going to hide all the bug spray from my hubby.... the bugs like him best.... he seems to be a magnet. hehehe CA
  5. Mmmmmmmmmm let me know how this works out I have about 20 volunteer coins sitting around here in a box.... hehehe Please no emails, I'm not trading em, read my profile... Cache Agent Volunteer Cache Reviewer
  6. Now I'm at a toss up ... I want a coin but I want a cake like that!!!!! Wow nice cake !!! Happy Bday! CA
  7. 1. Participating Sent 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received! Off to do some searching... CA
  8. 1. Participating Sent 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received!
  9. I'll email you this weekend... if its not too late to join... CA
  10. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh nice.... I would like all the ones I don't have pwease!!! but the crappy cache coin is one I would like to get .... and a geocoin fairy... and and ... ok I want em all.... me bad..... I'm soooo greedy..... ...... black coal for me santa.... CA
  11. Just looked at the pictures... now I want a LoriDarlin2007! toooo cute!!!!!! CA
  12. What ??? I'm insulted!!! you didn't know ours??? oh by the way the metal is wrong..... Cache Agent
  13. Nicely done... but I'm going to pass... for several reasons... but the main reason is I've had an experience with ouija boards and well... lets say it all came true and I got creeped out. Maybe in the future... just not right now... CA
  14. How ironic... I've been thinking about this lately as I'm about to do a complete re-organization of my coins and set them up to be seen and not touched much... I find with the black nickel top 40s at the moment a good "hahhhh" of breath and a rub with a cloth makes the finger prints go away... CA
  15. Too cute!!!! I knew I was itchy for a reason.... lol I wouldn't mind a bite from this guy... Congrats! CA
  16. Sounds like your dad might know who it is... I would confront them and if true, tell them to stay away from my house. But thats my suggestions, one thing I despise is a lier and a thief. CA
  17. ours isn't going to win any contest... we keep forgetting it home... hoping to drop it before the long weekend is over... CA
  18. Sorry to hear about everything... keep your chin up... the thieves won't care if they ruint your day.... so don't let it get to you (much) but still not a good thing... CA
  19. Received mine, forgot to come and tell you... sorry.... Took it to an event, we were about 4-5 gathered in a circle showing coins and I had this one in my pocket from just receiving it... took it out everyone was watching, and I got the "ohhhhhhh woooowwww" effect when I opened the lid... hehehe thought that was cool and neat. Thanks for the second batch I'm glad I got one. CA
  20. Hope your feeling better soon... I promise the coin is going to move tomorrow!!! I swear I'm not keeping it or forget!!!! Honest!!!! CA
  21. Ok... when I first started trading I traded with someone a Canadian Capital Cachers Coin... We still have it in our trackables... could the owner please email me if you see this post... I would like to adopt it over to its rightful owner.... If I don't get a reply I'll go digging threw my thousands of emails and see if I can find out who it was. Cache Agent cacheagent@sympatico.ca
  22. This one sorta looks like a wizard... Gnome Wizard Grizard the Gnome Wizard ( added in edit ) Sorry not very creative but I think it would be cute. CA edited to be more creative...
  23. I have a "Ranger216 Nickel Trainset 2 of 4" for the series number #102 if anyone is interested in completing their set can you email me at cacheagent@sympatico.ca Thanks, Cache Agent
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