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  1. 1. Participating - email sent Nov 4th 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Santa Arrived
  2. I haven't been around much lately but I seen this cute little coin last night when looking around on the site... pwease pwease pwease! I wike it! I think my little girl will like it better then her cartoons that contain pumpkins... she's not going to like halloween much... me thinks... Pumpkin person, if you have an extra coin around.... it would be much appreciated! Cache Agent
  3. We do not have to allow a change in coordinates, actually either I, Cache Tech or other reviewers who receive the notices do check the coordinates to make sure they are still within the guidelines. As for cache names... if we do find something that has been change it will get taken care accordingly... I have a few I have to deal with but haven't since coming back from vacation yet... but as mtn man stated the ones he's mentioned will be taken care of if it doesn't meet the guidelines. We, as reviewers all know that once a cache is listed that it can be changed but hope that the geocacher is honest and fair to not change their cache names or descriptions.... Cache Agent
  4. Yeah I like the stupid questions... would never of thought of em! hehehehe...
  5. I hardly click on any threads because I know theres a coin for sale and I'll want it... kinda makes it boring in here when you don't click on threads... like the secret missions and other non selling threads... CA edited to say.... mmmm never mind not editing ....
  6. You have my name!!!!!! wooohooo!!!!! I can hardly wait!!!! hehehe just kidding... CA
  7. I'm home!!!! only one package... not the mission but thats ok I had asked for them to wait... whoever they are... but I'm home now!!!! hehehe CA
  8. Lets see... 3 nominations.... I can't pick just one... everyone is so nice..... BigJohnP Islander1988 paulandstacey tokyoblossom ranger216 PengoFamily Geosquid Wallace River Binrat and many many more that I can't possibly remember at this hour... Thank you for the kind words TokyoBlossom
  9. My husband is going to divorce me soon..... good thing he likes trains too... Yep I'm in!!! CA
  10. 1. Participating Sent 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received! Not yet!
  11. If it was me... I don't think I received it... but I received a envelope from Atwells and we can't figure out if its a cointest or a trade... but think it was a cointest... so nope nothing here yet.... If my secret mission hasn't sent mine yet... could you please hold on to it as we are going away for first 3 weeks of Sept and wouldn't want it to sit in the mail box... but if its sent... don't worry hoping to get it before we leave! Thanks! CA Edited to add.... Hope it's not me...cause I still havent gotten anything yet. Jayman11 Nope, sorry! Ours was going to Canada!
  12. I like!!!! blue or red (marinara?) CA edited to say "CONGRATS FSM!!!" just noticed you passed a 1000 posts!
  13. Yosemite Valley, California Lexington, Kentucky New York, NY San Francisco, California Ellis Island, NY Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Edited to say.... I have no clue if any of this is right.... LOL but it was fun doing some research!
  14. 1. Participating Sent 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete sent sometime in the past week 4. Package Received!
  15. LOL, ok so I wasn't the only one thinking that! Ok.... me thoughts this too... Good luck with your auctions. CA
  16. I wish I could help by buying the black racer to complete the set we have (including the purple racer you gave caitie)... but I've reached my limit for at least 3-4 months... Best of luck, Am here if you need someone to chat to... Holly aka Cache Agent
  17. I'm never going to catch up to you!! Beautiful by the way! CA
  18. Oh boy! I gotta go and sweet talk the hubby! CA
  19. 1. Participating Sent 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete (Research done, awaiting coins to send) 4. Package Received!
  20. OH MY GOSH !!!!! That is too cute and funny!
  21. Congrats on the sell out FSM. I wasn't one of the buyers, tried for a bit but had other more important things to tend to (crying baby and all) so I shall look to see about a trade later on in the future when I get some traders in. This should be a happy moment for you FSM, don't let it be any other way. Congrats again, CA
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