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  1. Are we allowed to ask where a coin is originally or being sold? I have someone looking for a Geocat coin... I know ebay has them but I was wondering if they are still being sold at a store.... Please email me at cacheagent@sympatico.ca Cache Agent
  2. I'm looking for a silver marmacette if anyone is interested in a possible trade please email me at cacheagent@sympatico.ca Thank you, Cache Agent
  3. Not sure if this is the one I have... But I'm going to have an extra of the new Tiki coin..... (phooweee I can't remember which one is which) the not LE one.... I would like to trade for another Tiki coin from the past.... Anyone interested please email me at cacheagent@sympatico.ca we'll chat Thank you, Holly aka Cache Agent
  4. Well I hope I've made some happy trades here... I'll surprise you again sometime in the future for a few more trades.... Shutting down the offer. But am open for other types of trades of different coins... drop me an email sometime. Thanks to everyone, Cache Agent
  5. Hello everyone, I am currently offering Cache Tech/Cache Agent Reviewer Coins for personal trades... I have a limited quantity to trade at the moment, say 5 for trading... (don't want to trade them all at once) Anyone interested? Holly aka Cache Agent cacheagent@sympatico.ca
  6. Can I vote for myself??? eh ? eh? ok I'll vote for hubby CT ! no? mmmm are there rules?? ok ok ok I won't vote, won't be right.... Cache Agent
  7. Hi! Just for the record, check geocoin stores before buying them off ebay, my/our coin is currently on sale on one of the geocoin stores and they are being sold on ebay for way more then they are being sold for in the geocoin store. I'm also up for trading if someone wants to offer I'll see if I'm open for trading. Cache Agent
  8. No for my part of the other side of the coin, it has something along the lines of .... Does your cache have a logbook? You must remove the knife! Cache Agent
  9. Ok, now that we have everyone confused LOL hehehe (and a huge conversation with BQ until we both understood each other ) Lets have all the reviewers state what they want for their area.... *** THE MARITIMES AND NEWFOUNDLAND *** For Prefix code.... Waypoints or Stages use 01, 02, 03 Finals use XC Parking use PK Becareful... if you don't want the waypoints and final know please make sure you click the proper option. Thanks, CA
  10. Mmmmmmmm Excuse me.... how many more of theses do I have to review? Let's see... I believe I reviewed, PEI, NS, NB, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan..... oh and NFLD (did I miss any?) Oh I'm sooo bad...... Cache Agent Volunteer Cache Reviewer
  11. I'm currently reviewing for Manitoba area. I came across this reviewer note of how Cache Effect would it done. **** Name each of them the name of the cache followed by "Stage 2", etc., as in "*Cache Name* Stage2". Then name the final location's waypoint "*Cache Name* FINAL". The Waypoint Lookup Code should be "Stage2", "Stage3", and so on. The Prefix Code should be something like "S2", "S3" and so on. Then, make sure you hide the waypoint. **** CA
  12. Yessiree thats what I mean. Not sure what you mean on this butttt.... I know in gsak you have the option to turn on child waypoints maybe its a similar situation. CA
  13. Ok..... mmmmmm ..... BQ you always throw a wrench in there ..... mmmmmmm ok..... How to explain this.... First I would like to say that everyone is right.... no one is wrong..... When I (CA) review a cache I usually put the waypoints and final in by hand..... the "Lookup" is the most important part in this feature for me. If someone puts say.... Final in the Lookup section..... and someone else puts Final for theirs, in gsak its going to copy over the old one.... thus the set up of XC#### for the final, waypoints and parking. Its going to do it for everyone, not only reviewers. What I'm trying to explain in this post is each reviewer has a way of putting in the waypoints and final to check before reviewing a cache... if we can all get the set up the way the reviewers in your area the same this will help in their reviewing and filing. Ahhh we'll get this all worked out, we still have a few more reviewers to hop in and post. Thanks for everyones post so far. CA Anyone want a chocolate!
  14. Hello Everyone, I would like to mention that there is a new feature thats been out for a while on your edit page. Its called Add/Edit Waypoints. This little feature will help your reviewers tremendously if done properly. I'm pretty sure most Canadian reviewers have a similar set up as I do but if not please contact your reviewer just to be sure. If you have waypoints say.... waypoint 1 and your GC# is say ... GCHHHH, I personally would like for the waypoint page to have the coding like this "Waypoint Lookup Code" 01HHHH (leaving out the GC letters) "Prefix Code" 01 For the Final of the multi/ puzzle would you mind using XC (XCHHHH) and for parking PK (PKHHHH). Have I confused you yet? hehehe I'm horrible at explaining such things.... Other Canadian Reviewers if this isn't how you want your waypoints page, please post and let your cachers know. Thank you! Cache Agent Volunteer Cache Reviewer PS: I'm not sure about other countries but a quick email to your local reviewer will let you know how and if they want this done in their area.
  15. I am deeply saddened to hear this news, my heart goes out to his wife and family. Cache Agent Volunteer Cache Reviewer
  16. The cache in question has been listed. Cache Agent Volunteer Cache Reviewer
  17. I would like to take this moment to wish everyone ... Happy Holidays! Please be safe and have fun! Cache Agent Canadian Volunteer Cache Reviewer
  18. Both CT and I were on at the same time and well.... like I said... sorry. Cache Agent Volunteer Cache Reviewer
  19. Pushkin.... Mmmmm, truthfully... you didn't need to bring this to the forum... cause... (I'm probably going to get a speech for this)... well we were just pulling your leg and well.... I'm sorry. Cache Agent Volunteer Cache Reviewer
  20. I've edited my post, also. I (as well as others) as a reviewer face many things when reviewing in english, when french (or another language) is a second language or hardly a second language it gets frustrating for every person involved trying to understand what each other is saying. I haven't posted to the Quebec forum mostly because I don't feel comfortable with my french enough to post. I've wanted to come in and answer questions but figured it wouldn't come out the way it should, ending in a mess. I'm sure you feel the same way about english as I do about french (insecure) sometimes. If you would like I will try to translate this to french, probably do better then babel fish Cache Agent Volunteer Cache Reviewer
  21. My french is french Immersion. Grade 1 to 7 French, then 8-12 french immersion. I hardly babble fish. Cache Agent Volunteer Cache Reviewer
  22. *waves* I'm one! Just can't find me! Cache Agent Volunteer Cache Reviewer
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