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  1. I am a newbie, with 8 finds under my belt. 30 bucks is not that much, like magazine subscription. Is it worth it? Are there a lot more "members only" caches? (i live near detroit)
  2. I bought a 2"x8" piece of pipe threaded at both ends and two caps. (yes, my dad says it looks like a pipe bomb. I covered the pipe with camo tape, placed an 'official geocache' sticker on it with my email addy and info on it. it seemed like the perfect cache container. I am second guessing myself on placing it, since my dad says it looks like a pipe bomb. (I dont think it does), does anyone else have an opinion on this?
  3. I was thinking of putting a virtual cache on the side of the expressway, seems like theres a boulder so huge that they built the expressway AROUND it. An orange vest would make me inconspicuous but, what about the work van? lol. It would appear that I've been left behind.
  4. I am a licensed EMT and although I am a newbie at geocaching, I'm learning quick. I dont leave without rubber gloves in my car regardless (you never know if you're gonna need them) but even when doing CITO theyre helpful. also, empty water bottles or cheap portable urinals from the medical supply store are good impromtu sharpie containers.
  5. luckily the ones closest to my home use the name of the cache as sort of a clue to where it's hidden. There's a quote in an Ani Difranco song "art imitates life, and life imitates T.V." which would explain why no one has any imagination anymore.
  6. That rocks! , good luck dude and happy caching.
  7. Ammo boxes are averagely priced near me (4.99) but I was thinking of using a dollar store bicycle lock to secure it to a tree, thus making it harder to steal. Any thoughts?
  8. As an EMT, rubber gloves is essential to me. I am sort of germ-phobic, but with good reason. My mother passed away due to Mersa, an antibiotic resistant flesh, eating type of bacteria. Not to mention, I have been doing CITO and come across hypodermic needles. sad but true.
  9. Wouldn't it be nice if they put repeaters on cellphone towers and you could use the same kind of radios that the police and EMS use? You could subscribe to a service say, just for geocachers and/or campers and not have to worry about channel garbage like CB radios. I dont know much about them, but my dad uses them at work at GM and I have been around CB's my whole life since we used to have a big community watch CB patrol back in the day here in Detroit. Just brainstorming out loud. Punk_Rocker CB handle: Cookie Monster lol
  10. I have been lucky enough to be immune to itchy plants (my dad says its because of our native american blood) but for friends, Dawn dishsoap really does work.
  11. Wow, a wide variance of opinion. The reason I asked was because there's a guy in my area who makes really beautiful sig cards and so I was inspired to make my own today. I took a printout to kinkos and had it laminated for 1.09 So regardless if they become collected or not, it's like a miniature piece of artwork to me. (I imagine comparing sig cards the way they do during the scene in the movie 'American Psycho' where they are comparing business cards) I put my geocaching screen name, my e-mail addy and my website addy. I still intend to sign the log. Punk_Rocker
  12. I am a newbie, and the caches I've come across have sig cars (great idea), are they like trading cards or are they just a way of saying "hey, I was here" ? Punk_Rocker
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