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  1. Beautiful Congratulations AMAZING images of BEAUTIFUL coins. I'm so jealous.
  2. you'll have Bend by the end of the week >your faithful "supplier" :lol: We sure do appreciate you enabling us the way you do. Hoping to send you another list of wants in the near future. Yours in the "Addiction" :-) :-) Mark & Julie Squishypets
  3. Hello! Just stumbled across this thread and was wondering how many of the coins on the list were still available. Feel free to drop me a line. Thanks. :-)
  4. Looking forward to those grab bags. :-) :-)
  5. Several lists have been posted here in the forums and other places. You could post your list and have people contact you through your profile if they are interested. Iam definitely interested in seeing your list of available coins. Feel free to drop me a line. :-)
  6. That's kinda cool! My dad is a huge moose fan. :-)
  7. I agree with your proposed changes and am really looking forward to seeing these coins come to life.
  8. WOW!! I really need to find a budget source to get extra coins for trading. We would love to find those in our mailbox. That's a nice batch of coins.
  9. That's great! Look forward to seeing the rest. Thanks.
  10. If there is any room on that list could you please add us? Thank you!
  11. Hello! I am also lookoing for the following versions: Irish Mystery Feel free to contact me through my profile. Thanks. Sqquishypets
  12. If there is a "List" to get on for these coins, how would I go about getting on it. We've been collecting for about a year now and can't get enough. Definitely ADDICTED!!!!
  13. Guess IT missed out on these. :-(
  14. Those are fantastic, what are they called and where do we get them?
  15. This coin? CF30 I found this link that lists at least 8 of the editions. I don't know if this is a full list. You can also look through this old forum thread. I own 26 versions of this coin. But I don´t know if there are still some unknown editions. Unfortunately Castle Man doesn´t have any information about it. You can find my Cacher Geocoins at my GC profile with pictures. I also have some to sell at mygeodb.de. There is an English translation available. If someone has a new edition I am willing to trade something special or pay! I also have the 26 first versions, but I think there were made more versions later that I did not buy - see pictures of mine with the original names here: http://geocaching.stigroar.net/geocoins
  16. We've been looking for info on these coins. Thanks to surteb efor the link.
  17. Our present wish list seems like it might be a little simpler than most. 1 Thurus - Mystery edition 2 Cacher Micro - all versions (I think we've seen 10 versions we don't have) 3 Canoeman 2006 (NT) (Summer - gold and silver , Winter - gold, silver and copper.) I guess that's more than 5, but these are the sets we are looking to complete first.
  18. Looking for info on the Cacher Micro Geocoin. Can aanyone tell me how many versions there are? Does anyone have any for sale? We activate all of our coins so we don't really have much to trade. Thanks. Squishypets
  19. Looking for the following Powers of Ten (10 10 10) coins; Mississippi Texas Maine Pittsburgh, PA Long Island, NY Bend, OR Idaho United Kingdom Willing to pay or trade, although we don't have much to trade. Below are what we currently have to trade. Powers of Ten Fayetteville, NC Lisbon, Portugal Southfield, MI Santa Cruz, CA Colorado Akron, OH
  20. Definitely interested in these when available.
  21. Where can we get one of these?
  22. Looking for an Ocean Kami AE............. :-) I've tried everywhere else I can think of.
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