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  1. I guess there was another EU event this past weekend. New bogus logs from................ Babushka_Qc ærødk Palarunca
  2. I'd love a set, in southern California and can paypal.
  3. Kudos to those at HQ who are responsible for the archival of the bogus logs on our coins. We appreciate the amount of work that must have been created by this nightmare of bogus logs. Even more so, we appreciate the speed with which you responded. As an owner of over 1,700 activated trackables your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your diligence in protecting a big part of this game we have come to love. Happy Caching!!! squishypets
  4. Here are todays loggers on my coins that have never been out of the house........... mieke650, gridge98, teamsturms, dartoisjeremy, KingBob3, Hippos08, matteoanne, P0UT, TFTNCachn, mobilemike, generationsteam, Kvasir80, MichaelX05, Kolmi & Irca, Taucher07, desc10, Rokatos, mimino84, LJaku, chrisbeandk, Gartenzwergin, Team Ribeiro, kiaZiege, Fröschi10
  5. Here's the list of cachers that have logged some of our coins that have never been out of house. pperen, Nur der HSV!!!, adidaselefant, AK Howler, tinyredfox, fastoa, mar1sa, DustyKay, mondou2, Lulybelle, mkettel, lamiche37, E-Smiley, compiprofi, JMVonFange, Thobias010, BumblerBee, JustAlan, McStoon, AnetteSt, dixie_gooner, Dark Star, samvelo, Kleinzschachwitzer, globaltreckers, PALHOCOSMACHADO, P@je, KesselRun, ogesandlyn, NSCR, iPajero, mcc_, Zambesiboy, davidb1957, Soave & Pinodor, fjordsurfi, run234, Helder_SSA, calrunning, DARKSIDEDAN, noodles216, ttrekkerdmc, Tipsy_1, Dix1 Perhaps an e-mail from HQ might get them to stop with the bogus logs.
  6. I've searched for several years now and the initial list provided was the information I was able to confirm. However, I currently have in my possession 4 non-trackable versions. I notified the creator that I had these and he seemed surprised to find that there were "Non-Trackable" versions out here. Attached is the list of our collection and we are always looking to find the ones we are missing.
  7. I know this is an old post, Any of theses coins left?
  8. Interested!! Patiently waiting, as well as an addict can.
  9. Is the above list current for what you have available??
  10. We would be interested if we are able to get the complete set.
  11. Still holding off on individual sales until you have 75% spoken for?
  12. Is the full set still available? Those are really nice coins.
  13. Have you started to sell individual coins or are they all still available.
  14. Seeking a few coins to add to our coin pages. The following Powers of Ten Multi Event Geocoins; Mississippi Texas Maine Pittsburgh Long Island, New York Idaho United Kingdom Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!! Below is a list of the few trackable/non-trackable coins we have for trade. Not opposed to cache. I mean CASH $$. Trackable Wheel of Caching Geocoin (Nickel) Leap into Caching Geocoin - Utah (Gold/Green) Leap into Caching 2012 Geocoin - Geoswag XLE (Gold/Red) Magellan Monkey Cache Geocoin (Nickel) GeoWoodstock IV Geocoin (Bronze) Top 40 Geocoin - UOTrackers Brae (Black Nickel) Cache Critters Geocoin (Ant Silver) Caching Dilemmas Geocoin (Gold) Caching Dilemmas Geocoin (Black Nickel) Tigersden Personal Geocoin (Nickel) NASA Goldstone Event Geocoin (Gold) Center Benchmark Geocoin (Bronze) ET Highway Cito Geocoin (Nickel) 10-10-10 Powers of Ten Multi Event Geocoin - Santa Cruz 10-10-10 Powers of Ten Multi Event Geocoin - Colorado 10-10-10 Powers of Ten Multi Event Geocoin - Lisbon, Portugal 10-10-10 Powers of Ten Multi Event Geocoin - Southfield, Michigan 10-10-10 Powers of Ten Multi Event Geocoin - Akron, Ohio wsgaskins Geotag (Nickel) GeoWoodstock 2007 (Black Nickel) Landsharkz Signature Geocoin (Nickel) Signal Jeep Geocoin (Ant Silver) Honeychile Geocoin (Ant Silver) The Great Reward Geocoin (Black Nickel) NON-TRACKABLE GW5 Geocoin Chicks - Pink ("chicks") Chat Happens Geocoin ("BraeAKAChick#2") Geocoin Chicks of MWGB - Red ("MIACHK#2") Maine's First Geocache 2005 (#1333) The Mean Old Cubmaster - Ant Silver (#111) Sir Gerald/Lady LeAnn (SG5215) Thank you. Squishypets
  15. I know this is an old post but we were wondering if there were any more of the Black Nickel (RE) version to be had? A man can dream, can't he?
  16. WOW!!!! I have 4 of those coins. Probably not much chance of having many more. Beautiful collection.
  17. A great day at the MailBox!!! :D Special thanks to JURAF369 for allowing us to get the set.
  18. We would like to be added to the "list" for a full set too!
  19. Payment sent. Trying to wait patiently.
  20. A FANTASTIC day at the mailbox. I'm as giddy as a school girl over the Noel and Hanukkah Mystery Coins from HH. If I could figure out how to upload a picture I would. I'll figure it out and update the post. I always wondered what it would be like to get a Mystery coin. It's totally AWESOME!!!!! Thank you, Mystery Coiner (HH) Squishypets Thanks Pastor_b for the help with the photo.
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