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  1. I find there is little difference if I take a photo with my phone or with my camera... I still have to transfer it to my computer and then upload it. Thus the fact that someone uses a phone is really not justification not to follow the requirements that are set by category. In fact depending on the browser used on the phone a person can upload to the site directly from their phone. Thanks for your thoughts, Bruce S. As far as I know my phone is not capable of a direct upload to my computer ... in my phone I have to click to "share" the photo elsewhere (for the sake of example, let's say Google+), then go to my computer, pull up the photo at Google+ and save the photo from there to my computer desktop, then upload to Waymarking.com. A lot probably depends on the type of phone each person owns, however, because it sounds like yours can do a direct upload. Definitely something to look for in my next phone!
  2. Every category is different, but if a category requires a photo, then you should upload one. Many categories will ask for a photo or a GOOD detailed description (which means something more than "Visited while geocaching", or "Been there". Some categories state that a photo is optional. If you really don't want to bother with photos, I'd avoid categories that require them. You, as a waymark POSTER, cannot require more than what the category asks for. I hope this helps. Thanks Max and 99, that does help. I appreciate you taking the time to reply!
  3. Thanks for the link, stijnhommes. I was thinking about asking for something that wouldn't be visible from Streetview or other easily accessible Internet info. Liked your Sherlock Holmes quote, by the way!
  4. I've geocached for years, but only recently started Waymarking. I've noticed that most waymarks require that visitors post a photo to obtain credit for visiting the site. I know many people use their phone's gps -- as I do -- and taking a phone photo, uploading somehow it to the computer, then uploading it again to Waymarking.com is a royal pain. Is a photo a requirement? Or can I ask visitors to tell something about the site that can only be obtained by visiting the site and forgo the photo? Thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks for the info on maps. Any good ideas of Internet sources for purchasing them? Thanks again.
  6. Hello. I was wondering what maps you might be using with the 60cs. I just got one and have been considering City Select and maybe a Topo map. Also, any ideas on good places to purchase these maps? Thanks
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