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  1. OK here is the code that was needed to make the new servers work. { if new servers + new patches = Server busy} { then reduce speed to act the way it was with error messages} { else new hardware minus patches plus additional error messages equal} [ slower response ] I'm sure that there is a very large list of to do's for tuning that will be attended to as time allows.... Just kidding
  2. Firehouse16 I went out the other day and after about 11 hours of caching we only could find 11. I can see maybe 15 but how in the world did you get 144?
  3. I agree that Garmins Topo is not the best. It even is missing interstates that have been there for years. I only state this because if you are on some trail and expect to follow it, well you could end up looking at a interstate with no way across... Not to mention the other obvious items like when I go to any park the map shows very little. One question though, Since Topo is not the best I do not trust City Select v6. Is Delorme Street Atlas USA® 2005 good and will it work with my 60CS? OK it was two questions! Thanks
  4. Absolutely, thanks for the link!!!
  5. Nothing but errors and it's dog slow - still
  6. Same here, the Server was too busy last night... I know someone who is scratching their head wondering what the ^%$^% happened! Fixes don't always fix things until someone patches the fixes.
  7. When can we expect to see these new TB available? I was going to buy some of the current ones but if they are heading to the collectors pile I'd rather wait if it's not too long a wait!
  8. Well Phoenix2001 I guess that I didn't see that one coming. Who would have guessed that when you buy a 60CS that we should be reading the 76CS manual! Is there any other reading that I should do to understand how to use this unit? LOL
  9. I don't know about anyone else but one of the reasons that I go Geocaching is to get away from commercialism, addvertisments... After all we are in the outdoors not at home watching TV. I'd rather not see business cards, poems with discounts on the back or any other kind of advertisements! It's bad enough to find old MacDonald's give away toys that no one wants, so please lets not trash the caches. Hey I like that no trashing the caches. Don't you just love the way that we all give our .50 worth and no one stops anyone from doing it anyway!
  10. Phoenix2001 I have looked and looked but I can not find where it says to hold the unit vertically not horizontally when following either a map or pointer. I did see where the manual states to hold the unit level while using the compass and while calibrating the compass. Maybe that is what I'm doing wrong! As far as the first initialization I did that and it only took about 5 minutes. I believe that I will recalibrate the whole unit to be sure that all is as it should be...
  11. After searching Google I now know why there are not many Geo Coins out there. Money! I can see spending $5 plus on a coin but most caches that I've found hold items that someones kid doesn't want! It's rare that there is anything of value to trade. Yes I believe in "fair trade" items otherwise like most of the time I LNTN... You may say what about TB's well they are in the same category. Thats why we don't see them in this area. Either way it's the hunt that counts!
  12. I use recharge able NiMh batteries and I get them from CyberGuys and they are 2100mah A freshly charged set has lasted me so far through 1 all day even from 8 AM to 7 PM on the whole time and another day for about 3 more hours. They are still going strong and don't need charging! Yet!
  13. Thanks everyone! To answer the question: The GPSr is constantly loosing contact with enough satellites and will beep then request me to press enter to start it looking for satellites. This happens all the time while in a wooded area and once in the open. Tread-n-Lightly - thanks for the recommendation
  14. I have another question that someone brought up. External antenna. I have a 60CS and with all of the lost signals that I get I was thinking about this but from some of what I read I'll need a power source? I did see some that didn't require a power source but are they worth it? What external antennas do you recommend? Thanks, Marshall
  15. I have the latest ROM and OS that was offered for the unit and GPX Viewer works fine but not Sonar... Sometimes things are just old!
  16. Thanks everybody and now that we have all these replies I have another question that someone brought up. External antenna. I have a 60CS and with all of the lost signals that I get I was thinking about this but from some of what I read you need a power source? What external antennas do you recommend? Thanks, Marshall
  17. GeoCyclist I know what you mean on #4 but I try to keep an open minds about these things! I tried GPX sonar but it didn't work. I re-installed it 3 times with no luck. I need to uninstall it completely first and try again!
  18. Where does one go to buy Geocoins? TB's are easy thanks to Groundspeak!
  19. an old IPAQ 3600 for paperless caching but I have a few questions. 1. What software do you recommend to use with this Pocket PC? 2. Is there any tools that allow me to send to the Ipaq via infrared? The connector is broke in the Ipaq so it can't connect any other way! 3. As a premium member can I get all logs with my pocket query? It could be a nice feature if the Pocket PC and GPSr could talk directly via USB...! I guess that would replace the GPS attachment for the Ipaq huh! I like a separate unit since the Ipaq doesn't have a long battery life... What can I do with this other than using it as a trade in? Speaking of trade in what unit do you have and do you prefer the Palm or Pocket PC? Why? Marshall
  20. I have found that I am pressing enter (because it lost it's links) more time than I'd like while in th woods of NC.
  21. So how many satellites do you normally see in you GPSr and where are you located? I ask not because I'm new but it might help others to understand what to expect! Here in the Charlotte, NC area I usually see 4 to 6 and that seems a low number to me after reading for the last 2 hours the past threads around this topic. Maybe it would be a little more helpful if we include our GPSr model and conditions! 4-8 satellites clear sky closer to 8 in the woods 1 to 4 with signal loss hence the 1... Charlotte, NC Garmin 60CS Others?
  22. Hmmmm Geocaching for beer! Now that would really open things up!
  23. One persons garbage is another persons treasure! Personally as if it matters I like the hunt and after I get us there my wife looks at the cache!
  24. I have a 60CS and I'd like to add some toys that will work with it. I see several people using their PDA's as well as different maps and your basic external antenia... What I am hoping to do is download a database or small part of that will hold the web pages with hints of the caches that I'd like to have both for that days hikes and some one the way back that I might have time for. I see that I can download the way points but the web pages would be great. I use an old laptop for my downloads and transfer files and it gets used for weather related things as well. Any suggestions other than having my laptop use my cell phone for Internet access? After living with cable access, dial up just won't do it any more! If a PDA can store the web pages from say a bulk download (Premium user)... Give me your ideas!
  25. I was up in the NC mtn's a week or so ago and while under dense cover my Map60CS jumped to New Orleans. No I found it amusing that I could travel that far and fast but after walking for another hour it finally put me back where I was. It had worked fine up until that day but as a new bee I figured that I didn't do anything wrong that it was the tree's! That's right the tree's, the tree's! It was a little aggravating because I could not start my hunt since I started all wrong and I could not figure how to get the GPSr to show the cache and not where it thought I was... I will go back and follow a few of these suggestions to see if can improve! Thanks all!!!!
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