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  1. On behalf of myself (Corfmania) and my Co-Chair Cooley1103, our Steering Committee compatriots CalvertCachers and BJ&Snurt101, our entire team and the Maryland Geocaching Society, we hope you enjoyed GeoWoodstock XIII! It was a great pleasure to host. We can't wait to see what GeoWoodstock XIV has in store in Denver. See you there!
  2. Great to see this! You'll love the Tuscarora trail. Great memories helping hide that cache. We were on leg one of an overnight training hike to prepare for our trip to the Anasazi Ruins Virtual in the Grand Canyon. Can't wait to see you at GW XIII!
  3. Howdy Folks! Just dropping a note to remind everyone that the Early Registration Discount period ends this Sunday night/Monday morning at midnight Eastern time. Head on over to www.geowoodstock.com to register!
  4. Hello All! Pleased to say that Registration and the online Store are now OPEN FOR BUSINESS at www.geowoodstock.com If you plan to attend, please register soon, log your "Will Attend on the event page, and "Like" us on Facebook! We can hardly wait to see you on May 23rd, 2015 in Maryland!
  5. GCG1Z5 - Hogan's Hotel Bob Crane was brutally murdered in this room in Scottsdale, Arizona
  6. I've put off local caching for a while, just to make this one simpler. The exception was when I was trying to get an FTF every month for 12 months. The 31 days started at a convenient time to do the 100 days challenge, so off I went. This, like the FTF every month, was fun for me at first, then turned slightly into a burden. It was never really a bad thing, but there were some days I would rather have not gone caching. That said, doing and trying different things, even if they're not greatest thing in the end, is what keeps things interesting.
  7. One issue with that is then some of the writeup that may be useful or necessary to answer the questions will then be cut off on some devices. To help mitigate that problem, I'll put the questions in the hint section also, with a brief note at the top saying so. That keeps the writeup higher in the listing, and still let's folks with affected devices see the questions. For example: http://coord.info/GC2Q4RT
  8. "Most" paths in my experience are on openstreetmap, and are contributed by the openstreetmap community. As I don't have the android app, I can't say if it an available map on that app.
  9. An alternative is to upload the picture as one of your profile images on geocaching.com and use it from there.
  10. From MD, 4737.5 Miles for the FTF on a traditional (placed a month earlier), and 4705 on an EarthCache (placed 2 months earlier). Both in Brazil and snagged during my trip to the APE cache. For you FTF hounds, can you imagine the butterflies I had wondering if I'd get the FTF... for 2 months?!?
  11. That trail is listed under Chesapeake Bay region.
  12. That option is available just below the "Message" entry as long as you have the style set to "Post As Log". It is not available if you set the Style to "Submit As Field Note".
  13. Map display data layering issue. To reproduce: 1 Search for nearby caches and wait for search results to display. 2 Display returned cache list on map. 3 Touch a cache icon to display cache detail overlay on map. 4 Touch the cache detail overlay to display the cache listing. 5 Touch the back button to go back to the cache list display on the map. The cache detail overlay from step 3 above now shows through the cache icon shadows and current location ping shadow. If you need to see a picture, just let me know. This behavior is most prominent on the openstreetmap and topographic map types, and will persist through map type changes.
  14. Sorry, can't find it It only says: Log type Message Add favorite point Add pictue Trackable leave/visit Post as log Send... You have to actually submit the log. Once the log is submitted, the confirmation screen gives you the option to post to Facebook or Twitter.
  15. I would like to add my vote for having pending field note "found it" applied to the found list. I only log field notes in the field and having caches I've posted a found it field note for marked as such in the app would be a huge improvement. Thanks!
  16. I would like the logs in the iPhone application to be available for upload/download via the iTunes File Sharing capability. My particular use case is that I never log live in the field through the app, but rather I just create a field note with my Find or DNF time. This allows me to note the find/DNF, but spend time and thought writing good logs back home. I prefer to do this with a 3rd party application (GSAK) that allows a simple import process for the geocache_finds.txt file from my Garmin. I would like to do the same with my iPhone. Thanks for your consideration.
  17. Maryland: Lexington Park Geotrail. Trackable geocoin for finding all 12 caches. Maryland: 2012 Wicomico Geocache Dash Tentative launch in June and if like last year, will have a trackable geocoin. Also, you can check here and see if I have any listed that you don't already. I don't update that page much any more
  18. The GC.COM iPhone app used to support the download and use of a gpx file that had been uploaded to GC.COM. That functionality was removed in the most recent updates. I believe the reason given was that the new "corrected coordinates" feature on GC.COM would be applied to pocket queries and could then be downloaded to the iPhone. This in fact works as I am in the middle of using that on the Peace Sign series in Seattle using that feature. Thank goodness, because I don't have my regular GPS with me on this trip and the alternative (adding alternate coords to each cache individually using the iPhone app) would be ugly. I don't personally agree that the corrected coordinates being applied to a PQ for download to the iPhone reasonably replaces the ability to download an uploaded gpx file. But, as someone said the frog giveth and the frog taketh. All that said, in short, there is no longer a way I know of to get a non-PQ generated gpx file into your GC.COM iPhone caching app.
  19. Feel free to email me using my profile link.
  20. Let's face it, ratings have guidelines but are highly subjective and heavily influenced by the individual qualities of the CO. Ain't individuality and freedom grand? I find it much more worthwhile to put my energy into selecting and visiting ECs than into scrutinizing and debating what I consider to be trivialities. I recently completed what I would class as a true 5/5 EC, Rim to Rim. At any rate, take a look. Careful and thoughtful observation is required under great physical challenge over days. Anyhow, it was epic. Believe it or not, a nearby virtual was the purpose of this 50 mile walk. This EC was a bonus. Hope to see many of you at the Mega!
  21. Hmm, looks like I'm 4 finds (location doesn't matter) short of double Platinum. Yay EarthCaches!
  22. I have not had many issues. I do very specifically say in the logging requirements that they have 7 days to send answers after logging or I will delete. I get a lot of visits to a few of them that are in downtown Baltimore and never had a problem.
  23. Double check your location services settings
  24. I'm sitting in the departure lounge of HNL right now and Found a number of caches over the last week by the locals posting here. First, Mahalo for showing me places and things I've never seen on past trips here. Epic, wonderful things. Second, don't sweat it too much. For each non-signer there are probably 10 people who do. We're the ones you placed them for. Enjoy the legit finds and logs. Delete the others, or not, then get busy thinking about more hides!
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