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  1. I'll be arriving on PEI this coming Sunday night 7/27/2014 and will have a free day on Monday 7/28/2014 in Charlottetown if anyone wants to Geocache with me. PM me if you are interested.
  2. I was able to download a free image map, but was not very happy with it. I decided to look at the Maps4Me maps and see if their quality was better. I downloaded a couple of free maps (Hawaii and Yellowstone) and was sufficiently happy with them so I purchased a yearly subscription for $7.90 U.S. Add that to my premium membership to GC.com and I'm a happy camper (again).
  3. I have a new Magellan Triton 2000 GPSr that has a single base map. We all know how poor the base maps are and I would love to be able to install a nice topo/street/sat image map. From what I've gathered reading the Triton Forums, I can make customizable maps myself for FREE! However, I'm not having any luck doing this. Can someone point me in the right direction? I know there are many places that sell maps, but map data is open source and frankly, I don't what to spend any money on this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. You don't say anything at first. You just give the sign. Geocachers have adopted the "secret sign" from American Sign Language and changed the meaning to suit ourselves. In ASL it means "Lesbian." Here is Jeremy teaching the "secret sign" to a noob cacher: I'm assuming Jeremy is on the right. The guy on the left is a fellow cacher here! It's Dude! He's not a noob! My left or Jeremy's left...no wonder I turn west when I meant to turn right! No, we weren't separated at birth, but we do have Geocaching Tee's and Slingbags over our shoulders. This picture was taken at the Friday Meet 'n Greet prior to GWVI. Jeremy was a very good sport and even gave me a Groundspeak Lackey Geocoin.
  5. Assuming you are logged in, and that you own the trackable item, then you view the item's page. Click on the "Visit Log" link for the log you want to delete. On that page will be a "Delete Log" button. --Marky That Did it! Thanks again for everyone's help!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give those ideas a try! I just knew I'd have an answer here by the time I woke up this morning. The forums are great! [EDIT] Ok, I have the coin in my possession, but how do I delete the log? I'm not seeing any feature like that. Do geo-coins have this feature like cache pages? I see a drop down with "Recalculate Distance", "Mark Item Missing", and "Move to Last Location". I don't want to screw anything up more than it is. Thanks again.
  7. I have a geocoin that I take to events to let other cachers "Discover" it. My problem is someone got confused and picked it up, and before I could retrieve it, placed it in another cache. Now my coin has mileage on it that I don't want. Being the owner of the coin (and in my possession), is there anyway that I can delete the move into the cache that the coin never visited? I spoke with the cacher that "grabbed" my coin and they just want to do the right thing. Any ideas how to delete the last placement? Thanks
  8. I live in Oregon and do pretty well with my Magellan SporTrak Map. I downloaded maps to my GPSr from MapSend version 4.20D (not TOPO) and have most roads. You may think about buying the non-topo version off of e-bay (~20 +S/H). The street version may have the roads you are lacking. Any software that you buy will be out-of-date as soon as you buy it. Can you provide additional information...feel free to PM me.
  9. Lots of Palm III's and Handspring Visor Deluxe's for ~$20.00 on e-bay. They work great with the Palm version of Cachemate.
  10. Our SporTrak Map will loose sat's during a cold boot occasionally (same FW). All I found that works is to turn it off, and back on again. Kind of a pain. Other than that...I haven't found a reason to spend money on a new one yet.
  11. It would be fun to download several waypoints into its "brain" and then follow it around. A great ice-breaker for the muggles we all stumble into. Most people are really fascinated by robots...I remember a little show about how robots would battle to the DEATH!
  12. First you need to configure your GPSr to communicate with the Magellan software. After you establish a connection to your GPSr, you can simply download your track file into the application. What software are you using?
  13. It's about $80 lower than buy.com if that helps.
  14. Yeah, pretty funny getting a reply to THIS old message. 9Key, thanks for helping me out with my coin. Here is the link to the website. Just click on Coins and follow the online prompts.
  15. I think it's a great idea. Why stop at your destination...just keep on caching!
  16. Since you are a Premium Member, create some pocket queries and have them e-mailed to you in a zipped *.gpx format. Then import the zipped gpx file into GSAK GSAK is (IMHO) the best software/database for geocaching. After you've sorted the waypoints in the gsak database, it will upload them directly to your GPSr.
  17. Well if you need one for Europe... You may try contacting this person if you need a North America copy. When I was looking for a copy of Magellan's MapSend software, I just set up an RSS feed from e-Bay to notify me of newly listed auctions. I'm sure if you watch e-Bay, you'll find what you need. Cheers!
  18. I would add that having a Premium GC membership gives you the ability to run Pocket Queries that contain A LOT more data within the file (*.gpx) versus the "free" (*.loc) file. I started out using Easy GPS (because it's free) and downloading a page of loc files at a time...but soon realized how much I enjoyed geocaching and wanted a better way to do it. Premium Membership; GPX files containing 500 waypoints; and GSAK. Good luck and enjoy.
  19. So...if MySpace won't allow dynamic images, it seems that you could periodically save an "image capture" of your stats and just upload that image. A pain for sure...maybe you could write a batch file that does all of that and uploads "an appropriate" file to MySpace? Thanks for commenting Jeremy!
  20. Try this Click on the link, copy the URL from your browser into your html editor...or use the following html code: <img src="http://img.geocaching.com/stats/img.aspx?txt=Let's+go+geocaching&uid=2d0f6ec0-05cb-4719-9321-c2f8e6bafce9&bg=1"> Good luck
  21. Although it wasn't the "first" GPSr, I have a Magellan 2000 (similar to Dave Ulmer's) which retailed for $200.00 U.S. in 1996. Subsequently, I bought it used at a garage sale in 2000 for $25.00 U.S. I have since upgraded, but my old Maggie still works as good as the day I bought it!
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