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  1. I usually give fave point that make me bushwhack a little ways, and even better if it wading required. Other than that creative containers, bringing me to an awesome spot that I would other wise not know about, a well researched story in the cache page (epically if it is about a historical location in which the cache is placed). Also the comments left on my owned caches by the CO's of the cache I'm finding may make me more generous or less, in both my log and fave points.
  2. Is it possible to find out the total number of cache on GC that have zero favorite points, one favorite point, two favorite points, etc.? I am curios to know the statistics, is the a way I can search or something? I 'd really rather not have to count them all...
  3. The image was not on the actual GC site. I guess I can't be the one who "saves" the cache...
  4. I do have the old links if that makes a difference.
  5. Hello, if you where to search for a mystery cache which picture links are broken. (Image shack photo) is it possible to find the missing photo, or is the cache toast? And if it is possible to find the image how can I do it?
  6. Would it even be possible as a premium? I didn't see it as a future for basic or premium but, I could have missed it.
  7. I'm currently doing a challenge in which I have to find geocaches with the owners usernames for every letter of the alphabet. E.G. the letter "W" could be like this W - CO's name Wet_Ground cache found by this user, "The Real Florida" . etc. Now I only have two letters left "V" and "Y" but I can't find a cacher in my are (around Lutz, Dade city, N Tampa, Port Richey, etc. area of FL) that's hid a cache. SO, is there a way to search for cache hid by a user with a specific first letter of their username?
  8. Just found a message in spam from 9 hours ago it is some random message and a https link to some site. Note: I guess people are taking up new hobbies in the newfound quarantine free time. Hobbies like hacking?
  9. Yeah. I got two random messages one saying; "I love turtles". and the other a bit meaner with foul language.
  10. thanks that makes sense don't know why I didn't think of that...
  11. Sorry to bug you again but is it possible to add text?
  12. sorry I stink at computer codes, but how would I adjust the image size?
  13. Yeah just saw it two seconds a go
  14. yeah that's what I thought two but I did not see the check box this time...
  15. how do I remove the "solution checker" from one of my mystery caches?
  16. Well at least they'll give you more fav points for the better caches!
  17. How would I add a flag counter to my profile?
  18. I very rarely log from a phone so my log probably would have been deleted in 24 hours and I am sure I'm the only one out there who logs their caches from a lap top or computer not a phone.
  19. on this cache its not a attractive feature however I've found a cache where a it was.
  20. only because it stands a control burn better than plastic and I don't have to many metal caches but I see why it could be a bad Idea.
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