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  1. Coor, was a bit worried for a bit there! Thanks for your responses!
  2. Hello all, I am hoping that someone can help me with this...... I have been on a little streak (65 odd days) which I like to look at daily on the stats page. Yesterday my son logged the find. When I read the log I noticed the date was 29/10 not 28/10 - a bit strange so I deleted the original log and rewrote with the correct date. I have checked my stats this morning and there is a gap on the 28th!!! And a find on the 29th, when I check the logs it is showing yesterday's find as the 28th. I'm not to worried about the streak but don't want to wait another year to complete the calender grid. Any suggestions? Simon Aka The Bartys
  3. Hi, I am planning a day out this Friday 9th Sept. Possibly the Oving Orbit and surrounding area (Chichester). If anyone is interested in coming it would be good to have some company and another pair of Geo-eyes!! Simon.
  4. Is it possible to convert from one format to another? Could someone help me convert.... Lat (WGS84) N50:52:12 (50.869906) Long(WGS84) W0:40:55 (-0.681849) in to N HH MM.SSS W HHH MMM.SSS any help much appreciated!!
  5. I started thinking about this yesterday when I was prevented from doing a cache in a series by a man with a big gun!! I really hate missing one cache in a series......and then I realised I always do them in order even if it makes more sense to park 1/2 way round. I then realised I spend to much time looking at my profile and feeling pleased that the numbers run in order on the series I have completed.......is it just me? BTW the bloke with the gun wasnt an angry landowner or anything........he was shooting pheasants and happened to be lurking right next to the cache. He had full cammo on and I didnt see him until I was about 10 ft away I nearly jumped out my skin!!!
  6. I have dropped two GC`s in to the wrong cache. I can not now seem to put them into the correct one. I thought if I deleted the log the would go back into my inventory - but no joy. The caches are really close togeather but the one I have dropped them into has been disabled. Anyone got any bright ideas how to sort this school boy error out?
  7. Hi Guys! I recently got myself a Nokia E72 which came with ovimaps preloaded. It seems like a really good phone and the ovimaps seems fairly easy to use. The only trouble is I cant see how to enter coordinates into Ovimaps - I think they call it " Create a landmark " Also, is it possible to download/upload a truck load of caches in one go? Im not a great tekkie so any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks!
  8. I found my first hundred or so with out a GPSr. Wasnt to much of a problem. I just used to zoom right in on the sat image on google maps. If you know the area it will be fine. Ive recently bought a garmin geko from ebay for £21 and im away now!! Good luck!!
  9. lol David Blane actually.......see 2nd attempt
  10. I went to my first Event last night and really enjoyed talking to other local cachers. Ive noticed there are lots of trackables in this event. What is the form with these? Is it ok for me to "discover" these as i attended the event. I should say I did not actually see any of these as I was to busy chatting Any advice gratefully received.......
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