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  1. I have the same problem, I updated and did the reboot but I still have no sat's. Any more suggestions??
  2. If you don't mind heading a little bit south, I get my cans there for $2.95. Go to Major Surplus http://www.majorsurplusnsurvival.com/Merch...ategory_Code=48 There is a cache there also!! GCN22P Mitch
  3. I'll tell you what, DOGS HATE ME and now vice versa!! And I have been bitten by "Friendly" dogs 3 times in off-leash parks (Caching, of course), the owners have giggled everytime, that was the only thing that erked me. Now I just stay out of those parks because I know better. I think mshathaway is being very upfront and civil about the situation. Non-snake people should know better than to go into the jungle!
  4. GSAK uses GPSBabel to communicate to your GPSr GSAK generates a file called babel.bat in the install folder of GSAK just before it does the send to the GPSr Try running this file outside of GSAK and see what, if any error messages you get. I have NO idea how to do this.
  5. I just added a usb to serial adapter to the computer because the computer has no serial port. I checked the port in device manager and set it in gsak to com4. Now gsak freezes until I have to kill it when I try to send waypoints to the gps. Is this just me?? Thanks!
  6. How bout this......GET A LIFE!!! This game WAS supposed to be fun ha aha ah ha ah haaha ha... Number this, Number that, SHADDUP AND GO HIKING!!
  7. Everyday!! But I do it while driving from job to job. Is that cachebezelment??? DAMNNNN!!!!
  8. Rocky Mountain Oysters with your name chewed into them, Great sig item!
  9. Well, I don't use mac, so I just set my browser homepage to This . Works great for me
  10. The more the better! As long as they are maintained, why not???
  11. This was taken while PLACING a cache, The Hidden Stories in the Flowering Sage , does this count??? Thanks!!
  12. The maps at the bottom right are only a link to a mapquest map. Premium members can click on the "View map" link near the top left of the page and can zoom in and out, and even identify each cache on the map. This is very handy for trip planning. The mapquest maps have just been taking forever to load on the pages lately. Sometimes I am finished reading the entire page before the map loads.
  13. I use an 8' fiberglass telescoping paint roller extention pole. Works great, folds down to fit in the car, super sturdy while hiking. I wrapped 50' of 3/8" rope around the top, this makes for a great wide grip, as well as having emergency rope when ya need it! I also strap my gps'r to it so I don't need to hold it and also this keeps it parallel to the ground most of the time which makes for the best reception you can get. Total cost was about $25 from home depot. It works great for saving the knees, hanging food sacks in the trees, making sure there are no guardians in those small hiding spots, pushing rattlers off the trail, as well as numerous other tasks. I put a rubber cane tip on it, but this only works on dirt trails, I take the tip off for steeper, rockier climbs. Good Luck! Here is an ok picture of it. Another pic of the top of the stick
  14. Any army surplus store has em, about $7 each <img src="http://www.geocaching.com/stats/img.aspx?uid=5b56c1c5-df29-43c4-89ee-cc2510eeaf6d&bg=2" width="200" height="50">
  15. yep, magnetic key holders at target also, VERY strong magnets. $2 for 2 My stats
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