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  1. Not 2-4x, but 7 times - old ones came through as 2KB - New ones are 13-14 KB We don't need this!
  2. I have a TB Hotel located on a local Airport that has had over 1000 trackables pass through it in just over 3 years. It is often visited by cachers for the sole purpose of picking up and/or dropping trackables. (Almost 400 finds, but also almost 200 other notes.) Inventory can be as high as 30 or so, but usually is about 5 - 10 at a time, so they tend to not stay for an unreasonably long time. (I had one cacher travel 3 hrs (one way) just to pick up 25 at once and drop them all into their own event the next day !!) Of these 1000, about 80 have not been logged out properly and after 1 month I mark them as 'missing'. Of these 80, only about 20 have not eventually shown up somewhere. (Yes, I do keep track of them.) I find that I need to visit the cache at least once a month and physically check the inventory to keep it accurate. This is a locked cache in plain site on airport property, so I don't think that any of them have been taken by muggles. It seems that there are a few cachers around here that don't log anything (caches or TBs) but are still taking and moving Travellers. Overall, this has been a very 'interesting' cache to own.
  3. I agree 101% - I couldn't have said it any better. What I find really puzzling in why so much time and work is spent on 'new features' that nobody asked for and a lot of people don't like, while many popular requests that would be very useful are completely ignored. (An old example here.) .
  4. OK - hadn't tried that much zoom out. Will check out the others I noticed if I can remember which ones they were. .
  5. Posted 29 January 2014 - 11:26 AM View PostOlddffart, on 29 January 2014 - 01:25 AM, said: View PostMoun10Bike, on 28 January 2014 - 12:12 PM, said: Read the last update's release notes (Quote from Release Notes - January 28, 2014 post #13.) Today's web release updates and fixes: ............. Map for geocaches with closely spaced waypoints now displays correctly. ............. Some do and some still don't. Example:- This one still doesn't work. . I've notified engineering of this issue. The Bug Is Back ........... http://coord.info/GC51N5A Have seen it also on some other new caches in the last couple of days. .
  6. I usually use a two part product like JB Weld. JB Weld has worked well for me. But .... I have also found that it is most important to rough up the surface with sandpaper first. This also applies to painting Loc'n'Loc containers. .
  7. I used a Magellan Explorist 400 and their map software for 6 or 7 years. I liked it very much - good to use and good performance even under tree cover. However ........... When I did finally needed service and also updated maps, their customer service was non-existant. I even talked to a Magellan Rep. personally at Mega-Event who promised me that he would look after the problem. Sent him 3 emails over a period of 4 months and never even got an answer, let alone any help. We have since switched to Garmin (Ore. 450 & Mont.550). Both are good units with very good performance, also easier to interface with your computer. AND Garmin Customer service is Very Good. .
  8. Good advice above.... Also if the caches involved are not too far away, you could go back and pick it up and put it in the cache it is logged into. Tip :- get a small notebook just for geocaching to make cache notes in and write down tracking numbers. You'll be suprised how often you will refer to it. And Welcome to Geocaching!! .
  9. Both of those coords are the same location. Just written in a different format. First is expressed as Degrees and Minutes to 3 decimals - the usual way for Geocaching. Second is expressed in Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds. This is the format that Google defaults to. In Google Earth, you can change this default under the 'Tools'--> 'Options' -->'3DView' menu. In Google Maps on your phone, I would think there would be an option to change this also, but I have never had anything to do with this setup, so I can't help you fix that. .
  10. Some do and some still don't. Example:- This one still doesn't work. .
  11. Not always true - we have a local cache here, with full permission and cooperation of management and security, that is on civilian international airport property that is also on a military airbase. The problem and solution as mentioned by RaNa2009 above is getting to the right people and approaching them in the right manner. .
  12. Me too - FF 25.0.1, XP All caches with aditional waypoints broken. All caches without aditional waypoints OK.
  13. You can create a route in Google Earth using the "Ruler" -> "Path" tool. This can be as simple or as detailed/complicated as you want - can even double back on itself if you want. Save it before closing the ruler - it will show up in the LH navigation pane. Right click on it here and choose "Save Place As...". This will give you a .kmz file that you can use (Upload a Route) to create your PQ. I have used this several times when the GC.com generated route didn't want to go where I wanted it to go. .
  14. Link above is no longer good .......... New link to current policy :- BC Parks Policy 2013 The only changes to the previous version are in the "Cache Lifespan" paragraph. .
  15. ...with this: Link for reference:Adopting or Transfering a Geocache What's to reconcile? The cache owner is the one who must adopt out the cache; it cannot be adopted without them taking the action. If you are a cache owner who has lost interest in caching, are you now going to have enough 'interest' to list your caches on an adoption list ? I don't think it will make any difference how easy it is - it ain't gonna happen ! .
  16. Around here, over the years, we have accumulated many, many "ghost trackables". To the point that you automatically don't believe the cache inventory as listed. This idea if implemented, would go a long way to bring back credibility to the trackables part of the game. IMO it is well thought out, simple (for the users) and something the trackable system really needs. .
  17. I was using an older version of Firefox and had the same thing happening. It all worked fine after I upgraded to a new version. .
  18. I have been to several "Meet and Greet" events that were put on by cachers just wanting to meet other cachers. Some were put on by cachers from out-of-town or even out-of-country. All were pretty well attended and everyone had a good time. The cache page coords take you to a you meeting place - can be a coffee house, fast food place, or Park, or ??? - anywhere a group can get together and socialize for a couple of hours. It helps if food & drinks are available or nearby. Rather than me trying to explain more - take a look at this one - We'd Like to Meet You Put on in Canada by a couple from England - everyone had a great time. .
  19. I also am very interested in an answer to the OP's 2nd question. Anyone know ?? . There are two possible answers: 1. It's by distance from the route. 2. It's by distance along the route. You can test these hypotheses by creating a fairly long route through a cache-dense area, say Salt Lake City area, but keep the maximum results somewhat low as to max out the search results. Then preview your PQ on the map. Do the results run the entire length of the route? If no, then we know that it counts from mile 0 forward until it maxes out. If yes, then look at the maximum distance from the route (this may take more work as I'm not sure, off the top of my head, if you can get this data from the list view). Do any come close to the distance setting you chose? If no, then it starts with the closest and moves out until it maxes out. If yes, then there is some other criteria. There was another thread about this a little while ago and IIRC no one ever came up with a definitive answer, ie no one was able to show that it was anything but random. If my recollection is not correct, I'd like to be corrected as well. In any case, you might be better off breaking the trip into several smaller routes and working with PQs for each segment. I have 180 miles split into 3 PQs - 2.5km wide and they all return 1000 caches. I will have to play around with this some more and find out which way it cuts off - length or width.
  20. I also am very interested in an answer to the OP's 2nd question. Anyone know ?? .
  21. A good place to start is with the Help Center. For more in depth info also try this web site. .
  22. Then here's one you might find interesting. Migrain Mania If you want to solve the 3rd stage, I will send you the info to be found at "X" & "Y".
  23. By luck and coincidence, non of my pending caches were affected by this mass archival of unpublished caches. I only found out about it by stumbling upon this thread. My thoughts:- » The Pros of archiving long dormant unpublished caches far outweigh the Cons. » The 1 yr. grace period is lots of time - especially with the simple requirements to restart the clock. » The ability to have them un-archived by a simple email request is good. » The un-announced implementation of this was LOUSY customer relations. » Most cachers do not read these forums on a regular basis and have no idea of why this happened or how to deal with it. » A short write-up in the Weekly Newsletter or a similar email note explaining the facts and conditions that have been (eventually) brought to light in this thread would have satisfied a lot of presently upset customers. .
  24. Thanks for the reply/info.
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