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  1. A group of students here at MSSU in Joplin, Mo, have been working on geocaching podcasts, and most recently, a vodcast (YouTube video)about the steps cachers follow to find a cache. We filmed footage of our group "finding" a cache, but it was not a real cache, we just placed it moments before "finding" it. The cache page we showed in the video is real, it is a cache we actually placed here on campus, only the location shown in the video is faked.
  2. This sounds like a cool thing to have done. I'm in the SW corner of MO, so I'm not sure when I will be able to "sink the battleship" but I'm excited!
  3. Welcome to the addiction. It really is an amazing hobby to have, since you can nearly always manage to find a cache, no matter how much time you have, or who is in your group. Something for everyone!
  4. Unless there is a clear trail in place, we tend to spread out side-to-side so as not to leave an obvious geotrail. That also avoids anyone else blaming me for the random spider web, branch, rock...
  5. I wear glasses anytime my eyes are open, and haven't found protective eye wear that fit over them properly, so no, I don't wear dedicated eye protection. But I am always amazed at how dirty my lenses are after a caching outing.
  6. Has anyone had experience with the spherical one on that page?
  7. Yeah, the other members of my group were not quite as willing as I was to go caching in questionable weather, so we did another indoor podcast. This one deals with technical terms and varieties of caches. Listen to our new podcast here: MSSU Campus Cachers Geo102
  8. Thanks, Hatredcopter, for posting the new link. Apparently the old link wasn't tracking views appropriately so the instructor put everything on a new server. It seems to be functioning better. I've broken my finger and haven't been very good at keeping up with things this past week. Wednesday, we plan to take a couple audio recorders caching with us to get some "real" sounds of caching. I'm hoping it doesn't rain, because although I love caching in the rain, I doubt if the university will like us taking sensitive electronic devices out in a downpour. Hopefully, a new podcast will be up and running within a week.
  9. I LOVE the answers here. Of course, sometimes you must be stealthy, but much of the time the kids will be perfect cover. For some reason, this reminded me of a discussion from this forum a while back. Someone suggested an orange vest and a hard-hat for appropriate caching camo. Someone wearing those are expected to be poking around odd places.
  10. I don't have a smartphone, and don't plan to get one anytime soon. Two questions: Is there a readable trackable code, or do you have to have a QR reader to discover the trackable? And secondly, why does everyone but me have a smartphone?
  11. Thanks a ton! I had tweeted about it a couple times, but don't really have any followers. Getting on it right now!
  12. My New Media Tech class at Missouri Southern State University is in the midst of a semester-long challenge to see which group can get the most "hits" on their podcasts. MSSU Campus Cachers released the first in what we hope will be a series of Geocaching-related podcasts. Please, take a minute (okay, seven minutes, actually) and give our podcast a listen. You must listen to the entire podcast for us to be credited. The first podcast is a Geocaching 101. We are taking suggestions for future podcast topics. No, this isn't a marketing ploy. Yes, I really am a cacher, although the rest of my group had not even heard of Geocaching before I talked them into using it as the topic for our podcasts. No, we are not making any money off of the podcasts, although the group that gets the most total number of hits on all their podcasts combined will not be taking the final (writing a research paper, I believe). Check us out on Facebook MSSU Campus Cachers Please feel free to share the link with anyone you think might be interested. http://themedialion.podbean.com/2011/10/05/geocaching-101/ Thanks!
  13. Correct, the podcasts are verbal only. I'm not sure how many we will be doing, but probably not very many. I seem to remember some sort of podcasts related to geocaching. I'll have to see if I can find them.
  14. I'm actually learning all these things now. Imagine that: I survived all these years without knowing what they were.
  15. Thanks for the support, guys. A podcast is a short audio program. A vodcast is a podcast with a video component.
  16. I can see the excitement of doing a power run. Just not for me. I love taking the time to discover the area, learn more about it, etc.
  17. We have a TB decal on our car-topper. This summer, we traveled 8000 miles and only one person discovered the TB. That was at Groundspeak HQ, and only because I said "Hey, there is an undiscovered TB on our cachemobile." I'm considering painting the Geocaching logo on the other sides of the car-topper, with the tracking code below the paintings.
  18. C'mon, are you really a stundent that geocaches or a marketing major used to using cliff notes and his frat buddies to give him the answers to (not so tough) questions? Ok, Giving you the benefit of the doubt... 1) What Geocaching is, how it works, what you need to do it 2) Containers, types, sizes, what not to use... 3) Cache types, traditional, multi, puzzle, earth 4) What not to do (should get loud aplause from those that frequent these forums 5) Types/brands of GPSr's (kind of relates to #1) etc. etc. Yes, I really am a student that geocaches. I am a non-traditional student in my 40s. I've never, ever used cliff notes, have no frat buddies, and am graduating in December with a bachelor's degree in communication. I have been caching since July 2009. I only have 280 finds logged, but have found caches in 16 states and two Canadian provinces. The idea of this course is to teach students to use the newest technology, including social media sites, to get their message out. Thanks for your suggestions. It is exactly what I was hoping for. I am the only member of our group that has ever been geocaching (that will change soon!) so I wanted some input from other cachers.
  19. Thanks for your suggestions. It will be a couple weeks before we have the first podcast ready to go, but believe me... it will be posted everywhere we can think of. Welcome to Missouri! You mentioned one of my favorite parts of Geocaching: Finding those out of the way places we never knew about. I was born and raised in Joplin and there are places there I never knew about until I started caching. I don't know if any of the people killed in the tornado were cachers, but I guarantee every cacher in the area was impacted. BTW, the official death count went up by two today, almost four months after the tornado.
  20. Sorry... The connection is that the podcasts will be ABOUT Geocaching. My bad... Should have made that clear.
  21. I am in a New Media Technology class and we are working on podcasts. The group with the most hits on their podcasts will not have to take the final. I have convinced my group that Geocaching would be a great topic for the podcasts. I am the only group member that is a cacher. I need a few things here: 1)Ideas for GEOCACHING-RELATED topics to discuss in the podcasts... and the one vodcast we will be doing later in the semester. 2)Suggestions for names. We are students at Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) in Joplin, MO. 3)Support for this idea to show my fellow group members that I am not crazy in thinking we can win this challenge. and... finally 4)Lots of sharing of the link to our podcasts once we complete them. Thanks, guys!
  22. This coin made me think of one of the funniest moments in my relationship with my husband. We had been dating for some months, and decided it was time to introduce him to my daughters. We spent a great day at Precious Moments (a touristy place owned by the guy that makes the Precious Moments dolls). As we were leaving, we passed a fountain. My (now) husband nonchalantly tossed a coin into the fountain... but it bounced back out. He picked it up, red-faced, and tossed it again. It bounced out again. Third time was the charm and the coin stayed in. It was so embarrassing because he was trying to make a good impression. You can send me the coin now... Please and thank you.
  23. I agree with everyone else here. First of all, I would bet there are no trackables in this cache in the first place. If there are, they deserve to be set free and sent along on their journeys.
  24. I can't begin to tell you how much fun I have had catching up on this thread. Too much fun!!!
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