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  1. Thank you for the hint. Tested it with Firefox, it works but the map is loading slower than usual. With Opera 10.50 the script does not work. Why does Groundspeak not change this on their website?
  2. Hallo, always when I am searching around for Caches on the gc.com-Map I do not recognize the deactivated Caches because they have nearly the same color like the activated, they are just slightly grey. Wouldn´t it be better if the deactivated Caches were red marked? Especially for people who do not have the best eyes.
  3. Yes sure, I can read the Headline "Dog ran away with my brand new GPSr". If you get a new GPSr e.g. an Oregon 450 please put it on a leash and never left it alone back in your car. Even GPSrs have legs to run away.
  4. Sure why shouldn´t it work. You can take every Plastic Bottle. The one from the last picture was made out of two bigger juice caps. Usually I take PET juice bottles because here in Germany anything with CO2 in it is with refundable deposit. But I don´t think that peanut butter containers are as water resistant as PET-bottlecaps. Here we have some out of usual PET-bottles:
  5. One of my favourite micro containers are BottleCapContainers. These are as tight as Pet-preforms and even smaller, so they are easier to hide, easy to make plus they do not cost a penny (Ok, you need some glue). And if a muggel take it away, there is no loss.
  6. It would be a find for me if I was the owner. Because I don´t want that somebody puts himself in a danger just to get a found-log. Never underestaminate a cacher. He/she might be so stubborn to try to get it logged even if it is too dangerous for the one.
  7. I built my own mount out of a spice refill can. Sure it´s not nice and I guess it´s nothing for downhill mountain biking but my GPSr never tried to fell out of it, not even on rocky ground. Actually it sits very tight in it. The rubber is just for safety, the GPSr holds in there even without it. The inner tube of a bicycle tire absorbs shocks very well. I can turn the mount if the display is not readable but it does not move if I don´t want to. When I reach a cache I can take the GPSr out easily and it did not cost anything + nobody will steal it. It just works.
  8. Yes, you´re right. The Oregon 200 is listed under MAPPING HANDHELDS. Does anyone have a Dakota and can confirm that it is faster in Map redraw and panning and zooming than the Oregon?
  9. Hmm, maybe it´s true that the x00 models are discontinued. Wonder why the 200 is not to find under the "Oregon" section on the Garmin website. Just thought to buy a 200 because the 450 costs almost the double and I like it that the 200 needs less power than the other Oregons and has a bigger screen than the Dakota. I must admit that I never used the compass on my Legend HCx and never missed the height sensor. But is it true that the Dakota user interface is noticeably faster and the Map redraw is almost instant when zooming and panning than on the Oregon? .
  10. Thank you for your opinions so far. But what is with the scrolling? Are the maps now shown faster after moving to another part of the map. On the Etrex it takes some time before I can see the structures on the map. Is that now better with the Oregon and/or Dakota? Are there map-scrolling differences in speed or handling between the Dakota and the Oregon?
  11. Hallo, my Legend HCx with the slow scrolling on maps and putting in names for waypoints with the joystick annoys me. So I thought about getting a new GPSr e.g. an Oregon 200 for 200 € or a Dakota 20 for 250 €. Now I have read a lot of pros and cons of the two receivers and I am quite unsure which one I should choose. I mean is it worth to invest 50 Bucks more for getting a GPSr with a smaller display but with more functions (3D-compass, barometer, more intern memory, wireless connection). Are the new Oregons/Dakotas faster in scrolling on maps? Are there processing speed differences between the Oregon 200 and the Dakota 20? Is it easier to scroll on the maps with the larger display of the Oregon than on the Dakota? Is it also possible with the Dakota to graze with your finger from left to right to change the menu page? My feeling just telling me "Go with the Oregon 200" but it´s just a feeling, so please help me. Which choice would you make? Greetings from Germany swift23
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