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  1. Apologies, but yes, it is permanently closed. We couldn't have asked for better clientele or more enjoyable opportunities over the last nine years. We have some pretty amazing memories to carry with us; however, being based in Canada came with an increasing list of challenges (high taxes, poor exchange rate, expensive shipping, massive import delays). Well, we finally felt the balance had tipped too far and made the difficult decision to close the doors this year. ? It was a whirlwind of activity from the moment we announced it, to the moment we sold the last item. It was truly a rewarding chapter, one that I will miss, but I appreciated the massive volume of messages of support and well wishes.
  2. Sorry BG2015, I missed this question. I put the link in my very first post, but the link came from the most recent newsletter HQ put out. You can check / update your settings as required if you are not receiving it, for more check here: https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=109
  3. I hadn't thought of it that way... very good point indeed; however, I would like to see the terminology standardized (preferentially to the one it was for the majority of years, with nano a possible new category)
  4. Yes VP, I did see that, but the questions and photos seem to be standard. Sometimes it calls them XS vs. micros but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with your choice of path signal or path rover.
  5. In the Cache size survey that came out in the newsletter (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfrCgKGk-L4uGBvZylN8l8An_nNQAnNTOAzgheSvFDrhTcUsg/viewform), one of the questions is "Path Signal or Path Rover". Can anyone provide an explanation as to what this means? I understand the answer is arbitrary, but I would still like to know.
  6. Last word on the "Outgoing Mail Degraded" that was affecting all notifications (e.g. pocket queries, password resets, as well as all other e-mail related services on the site) was "Pending emails have been sent"; however, it doesn't appear the problem is completely fixed. Validation emails for people trying to sign up for a membership are not being received, but without being able to validate membership, they are unable to report the problem here.
  7. My staff is nearly complete! As much as I do appreciate the advice Wooden Cyclist and El Diablo, I really had the urge to use a drastically dark ebony stain on this one. You can't tell in the photos, but it has a luminescent quality to the black (plenty of depth). I did try out technique on a different piece of wood first and I did end up using a pre-stain treatment (totally worth the extra time and effort)! I have a brass cap at the base and have not yet decided on what to use for a grip (suggestions?). I have already started work on my next ones (diamond willow from a friend's land). These new ones I will not be staining in any dark color but I will likely be doing some carving on them.
  8. Great name KiltedCanuck! Part of my geoteam is a true scottish kilt-wearing cacher! Hopefully see you around the trails!
  9. GeoWyrm, if you're in Calgary, we hold events monthly to get together. There are also special events on occasion. The next Pizza & Beer (family friendly) is this Thursday. If you're in Red Deer or Edmonton, I know they do regular events as well. I can't speak for other parts of the province though. welcome to AB! Sorry mrcanoehead224, I forgot to thank you for the invite. It took us a while to get to one but we did and all the better for it! Thanks again & nice to meet you.
  10. mmmmm bacon... that is a happy thought!! My other happy thought is my hand-picked/hand-carved geo-staff is nearly complete!
  11. Thank you The Ravens you got what I was writing about. I Plan to do the same thing along with other swag items I will put in. Something to say " Bitterseed Was Here " Geocaching has made me feel like kid again and I believe Geocaching could be a good contribution for veterans like me who struggle with PTSD but thetas a whole new blog lol >>> I hope to find one of your coins one day And I hope to find one of yours one day Bitterseed. Rarely do I have the pleasure of stumbling across such a well thought out post as your original one in this thread. Thank you. (personally, don't have any 'marketable' wooden nickels yet, but I am having a fantastic time buying blanks and trying different techniques to come up with a 'signature' design for them. I have no idea what they will turn out like, but the journey is quite pleasant).
  12. I am interested in getting some wooden nickels made too - any advice? Does it matter that I am located in Canada (i.e. are there companies that are based in Canada that make them or are there any companies that will not ship to Canada). Thanks in advance!
  13. I am not much of a woodworker, but I am having fun with this project (thanks El D. for the instructions... located in this post... in two parts... ) My staff is de-barked, cured and sanded so now I am at the staining phase. I noticed you tend to use natural stains on most of your staffs and I wonder if you have ever used a pre-stain treatment on the wood? I want to use a dark stain and I am concerned that it may come out blotchy if I don't use a pre-stain treatment, advice?
  14. Hopefully this is just a newbie mistake with an easy fix, but after a search of the forums I can't find the answer. I found a TB at a cache I recently visited which had not been dropped into it's current cache. I logged it in as grabbed but then a friend told me I should wait until the previous person logs it so I deleted my log. Now it shows the TB is in my hands, but not where it came from. I was able to track down the person who helped the traveller along and they were going to log the move, but it is no longer showing in the inventory of the cache where they retrieved it! So what should we do to fix the problem and move it from GC22FWA Tracy's TB Inn Express to GC1XHFG Welcome Cachers? Should he 'grab' it from me and log it back into GC22FWA then GC1XHFG then I do my retrieve?
  15. You should certainly check out the previous discussion on what items to take... and another thing I find particularly useful is having a simple pencil sharpener handy! I generally always have something with me to sign the log but I personally dislike trying to sign with a dull pencil so I sharpen them along the way so the next cacher doesn't have to!
  16. My hubby & I were already married when we kind of fell into geocaching. We had a trip coming up down a road we've travelled much too much, and were looking for some way to make it more enjoyable. The ended up taking almost twice as long as it should have, partially because we were such newbies that we had a hard time knowing what we were looking for, and partially because once we found a couple we had to hit every single one on our list!
  17. GPS Central is located in Calgary, so that would be about the closest to you that I know of (just in case you ever make it out this way). Now that geocaching has so many members in SK, wouldn't it be nice for one to open there? GPS Central http://www.gpscentral.ca/ +1-800-585-9331
  18. No Golfing Here! It is interesting that this small little residential greenspace (currently white) actually needed to have this sign here to stop golfing between the houses, trees and cars? Thanks to Stone Wolf for drawing our attention to the area (GC1N2FZ)!
  19. So often this is true, but if you donate a little of your blood to the summer bugs they can occasionally be bribed to give you a lift to the next cache!
  20. I am a n00b too. Originally from SK but now AB. When I started I only did 1 in AB before a good string of caches in SK which is where I really got hooked!
  21. We are still pretty new to this, and have not met many others on the trails - but we did happen on a couple of other cachers at the most lonely geocache site we have been to. It was so isolated that when we noticed other people the only explanation was they were very lost or out there for the same thing we were! Happily it was the latter option!
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