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  1. My update.... Unbelievable but I got my coins at the end after a long long wait. Surprisingly enough the stamp on the envelope was as stated by USA Geocoins. It just traveled for a very long and unexpected time. Funny enough as I stated above I will be happy to send payment again after I got the refund from PayPal...but still I get no communication from USA Geocoins on instructions of how to resend the money. This is truly amazing....just want to pay them what they are supposed to get and still no reply
  2. I had the same issue here. Ordered end of June, got nothing. No communication, no shipping confirmation. Nothing. Time has passed, email not answered. When you are experienced with PayPal you know that the 45 days pass fast. I filed the claim and got the money back. No big deal. Never got the coins I ordered. YES....personal problems are understood and it's part of everybody's life....but hey...if you are an honest man, give your customers some kind of alert to know what's going on. Leaving everybody in the dark is just a poor behavior and not really accepted. BTW...if there is any honesty left for USA Geocoins - I don't mind to see an apology by getting those coins now. As far as I am concerned I will pay the full amount. BUT sorry, this has to be now AFTER I get my delivery. It's time for USA Geocoins to take the risk now. Cheers.
  3. Thanks for the valuable information. Really cleared the picture for me. I wonder however...if theft becomes a problem...why not eliminate the public indication of the Geocoin existence in the cache? Avoiding the ability to search a coin through seeing it listed on a cache page should help. This way people will not know until going to the cache itself if there is something there.... I guess there were tons on discussions on this.
  4. Hello, Guess this is a newbie quesion and apologies if this topic was raised many times before. In my short geocaching history I found 2 geoncoins. One looked exactly as in the tracking page and the code was engraved on the coin. The other coin found was totally different from what I expected to see since the page had a totally different image. The code was hand written on the coin I found on the back in a place that says "tracking #", but this is not engraved. I just saw that the owner loaded to the page a new image representing what I found as "copy" Is is supposed to be like that? Can a coin be placed as a "copy"? Cheers, Arie
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