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  1. Some geocachers use Nikwax and work for Nikwax. I'm one of the Nikwax Product Development Chemists. Feel free to grab some free Footwear Cleaning Gel via the web quiz though. Hopefully you'll be impressed enough to go and buy a bottle!
  2. Any new thoughts or progress on this old chestnut?
  3. And it's also worth mentioning that if you surf over to GeoHikes there is a whole forum dedicated to those of you who are seeking to be adopted to do your geocaching on foot!
  4. I'm not too far from Brighton and should be able to spare an hour or two one weekend. Drop me a line via email and we'll see if we can sort something out.
  5. Just starting up a new thread to continue the theme of my previous sponsorship begging quest. Team Nikwax (10 strong including myself) sucessfully completed the gruelling 53 mile trek from London to Brighton last Sunday in aid of The British Heart Foundation. Despite the best efforts of the sweltering heat and the temptation of en route cold lager we finally all crossed the finish line in time to enjoy a beer while paddling in the English Channel. Anyway, I'm posting just to ask one more time for anyone out there to consider sponsoring me, either out of the goodness of their hearts or in some small token of appreciation for my geocaching/walking website, GeoHikes. My sponsorship page, where you can donate directly to the British Heart Foundation as a sponsor can be found BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK. Photos will follow.
  6. Someone in the nearest village has bound to have a nice unsecured connection you can "borrow".
  7. Just thought I'd bump this one as I now actually have a bike so will definitely be doing the race. So......if you want to donate to a good cause please do consider sponsoring me. You know a quid or two won't hurt.
  8. A quick look on Memory Map shows up the following:- GCJ7NR - In Havorfordwest GCM4YZ - Lyln Llech Owain Country Park (about a mile off the A48) GCP163 - Quite near M4 J35 GCNQVX - near M4 J25/25a GCNQ48 - near M4 J22
  9. As most of you will know I run the website GeoHikes. I'd been mooting the launch of a sister site for some time, concentrating on Bike Routes which pass geocaches. Obviously, www.geobikes.co.uk would be the obvious name for the sister site. As some more interest has appeared over on the GeoHikes forum, I'm now back thinking about it. The thing is though, while I can happily host the site I can't really run it along side GeoHikes. Therefore, I wondered if anyone was interesting in helping out. GeoHikes is currently based on a content management system called Mambo Server which is very very easy to use once set up. Any one interested in helping? I would prefer some one who takes complete responsibilty for the site if possible.
  10. Oh yeah. It was all lies. In fact I was considering dropping in a lap of the M25 before starting the race but the speed limit through the Heathrow roadworks would just frustrate me.
  11. Click here if you can't be bothered to read the blurb and just want to whip out your credit card and sponsor me to kill myself "So, do you want to do the London to Brighton Bike Ride on June 19th?" "Nope." "Go on, it's 53 miles" "Nope" "Have you got a bike?" "Nope" "Oh, so do you want to do the London to Brighton Bike Ride?" _____________ < Insert davester's answer (for a clue, spot the cycleless davester investing in a huge pile of soft cushions for June 20th) You get the point. I am a semi-reluctant member of Team Nikwax for the forthcoming London-Brighton Bike ride. Not withstanding the fact I haven't climbed on a bike for 3 years, i did still say yes. So can you help? Can you provide any of the following? 1) Alcohol at the start 2) A Bike. 3) Free or substantially discounted sore arse cream. 4) Alcohol at 2 mile intervals en route. 5) A quad bike with a rope to tow me up the hills. 6) One of those ring shaped cushions in super soft variety. 7) Alcohol at the end 8) Sponsorship in aid of The British Heart Foundation
  12. No they don't. - Yes they do. It's how I make all my calls to landlines.
  13. I hope you've already been on the phone to Garmin telling them about Magellen's generosity.
  14. Not quite sure how this comes under the guise of UK Geocaching chat but..... You should ditch the Skype Hype. The service is no better than may alternative services that offer more for free. For example, www.1899.com offer completely free calls to UK landlines. www.sipgate.co.uk offer completely free incoming geographical UK numbers.
  15. Glad they sorted you out. Shame I can't come myself and have saved the postage! Hope it's a great meet though. I shall be there in spirit.
  16. Autan is non-Deet based and seems effective enough for me.
  17. How the hell do you all manage to break your Garmin's? My Geko 201 is bullet proof and more besides!
  18. Quite right. I have a cache at the 'end' of such a cul de sac footpath outside of Oxford. But it does go somewhere. Somewhere nice. The most important thing about rights of way is the fact that they are enshrined in common law. As long as they have been used in living memory they cannot be revoked. Blair and cronies (may they not hold the seat of power from tomorrow, PLEASE!) tried to remove this in the CROW act of 2003, but it was killed in commitee stages.
  19. We're into heavy-duty barrack-room lawyering here, but you're only allowed to use a right of way to go from place to place. So even if you'd successfully asserted your right to walk down the path, you wouldn't have the right to stop and watch the show. Or to take a more common example, you're not strictly speaking allowed to stop for a picnic, and the landowner is within their rights to ask you to move on if you do. (Different rules apply in Scotland) Not true. I know of several public footpaths/bridleways which lead to an abrupt end in the middle of nowhere.
  20. What is shocking on both scales is the sheer number of footpaths which are present on the map and that either simply don't exist or follow a completely different line.
  21. The cache is in the pocession of the guy that picked it up.
  22. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...55-318444962b1d I posted a note about this the other day and also contacted the owner. The cache had been removed from it's hiding place and was subsequently picked up by a walker thinking it was litter. He found my GeoHikes calling card and contacted me via that, kindly offering to return the cache to it's rightful owner. Unfortunately, as mentioned above I can't get in touch. Is the owner reading this? Do you know them? If not, could anyone else volunteer to replace the cache (obviously you would need to be a previous finder)? Ta.
  23. This is what GeoHikes is all about. And I'd love to hear about your 10 cache 7 mile walk.
  24. I'm (after foolishly agreeing to do the London to Brighton bike ride) after a handle bar mount for my Geko 201 but can only find the Garmin one available on the web. Anyone know where I can grab one for an actual sensible price (ie. less than a fiver)?
  25. I can suggest a good GeoHike of around 10 miles. It's on my to do list. Interested?
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