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  1. At the beginning of the year, I had decided to limit my coin purchases to new and original coins. This was good in theory, but I had no clue how exciting the 2008 editions would be. This years navigational egg was absolutly beautiful! This years compass rose was out of this world! The coin designs just get better and better. I don't know about lack of demand. I was lucky and got in on some recent geocoin sell outs.


    I also think that alot of coins come out in the Spring so that they will be available for the mega events.

  2. I was talking to Tj from Tj and Blondie about this topic a couple of weeks ago. We both agreed that we wanted only new and original coins. It seems that coin makers are taking the original great idea for coins, and continuously making them in different colors or making a 2008 version. I want to purchase coins where only 250 are made. It really disappoints me when I buy a coin right when it comes out, it gets sold out, then the maker posts well it sold out so quickly that I am going to remint 800 more.


    My New Years resolution is to buy only first edition coins. :laughing:

  3. Wow! What an exciting mailox day! I received the most exciting mystery geocoin in my mailbox today. I was having dinner w/TJ and Blondie and Tj mentioned he had read about the coin in the forum. All I can say is all the Jesters say a big thank you to the mystery geocoin donator!


    A big Thank you!


    The Jesters

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