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  1. Please forgive my pun, but I ran into a review of the the Oregon 400t that confused me a bit. I'm simply not knowledgeable about the different types of maps the guy is speaking of, so I'm turning to you guys to explain things. I've been waffling on which type of Oregon to buy and this has me even more confused. "My recommendation would be for anyone considering an Oregon, I would go with either the 450 or 550. Get the 3d compass. This one is poor at best. Need to re-calibrate several times per day to be accurate. Also DON'T GET THE PRE-LOADED Maps. Save the $100 to pay for an 8g SDHC and the topo maps on DVD. It was a bigger deal before Basecamp started reading device maps, but it's still nice to have them for MapSource as well. Lastly. Custom Maps are AWESOME!!!!"
  2. I found several caches last summer (unfortunately I didn't log all of them) and I have been out finding several in the last week or two also. Last summer I used an iphone plus an old etrex and both were a long way from "high sensitivity," so I have been thinking seriously about buying a nice handheld unit. I like the simple look of the Oregons and spotted a seller on ebay that has a bunch of refurbished 400t's for $299, but I wonder if I'm making the right choice. I've looked at the 450t and realize it has a tilt-compensated 3-axis compass, but is that something I really need? If I just compare features with no real way to gauge if I truly need them I would wind up buying the most expensive GPS and that is foolish if I have no real reason for said features. It's a confusing decision and one that I've seen discussed in many forum posts here. I will add to the confusion a little bit by mentioning that my htc EVO phone has been incredibly accurate placing me in a very tight radius, but when I venture under any real foliage I lose a bit of signal, now how much I lose in comparison to a dedicated handheld unit I have no way of knowing. The phone works really nice and is a totally paperless system, so it's not like I am not happy just using my phone. On the other hand I am placing the phone in the way of danger, so that makes me worry a bit. Please feel free to give me your thoughts and opinions guys and as always, Thanks in advance!
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