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  1. We have thought of that, but my partner in crime fighting is saving to buy an engagement ring... Even $50 is alot to him. So it really falls on me if our team will use a GPS. Patman
  2. I am still new to this... I've got 7 finds so far... All of which have been done without GPS. This is not out of choice, but rather out of necessity as I have no GPS. My question really, or discussion topic is how many people Geocach without GPS and choose to stay that way?... that is if any? I know I've enjoyed finding the ones I have off of the clues and hints, but with my 7 finds I also have 2 DNF's as well. Just curious. Patman
  3. Ok here's the truth of it... Numbers mean absolutly nothing! You can't compare apples to oranges. One geocacher may work 75 hours a week on shift work and find 1-2 a month, while another might be a college kid who geacaches instead of writing their papers or geocaches all summer when there off... It would be very easy for someone with less of a demand on their time to obtain higher numbers. I myself am a newbie... I found my first cach on July 2, 2004 I've found 7 caches in 10 days... at this rate I'd reach 255 in a year.... that would be pretty impressive, but... I am also a husband and father of two beautiful daughters (one of which caches with me... she's 5) and my time must be spent wiselyand I will never reach that number or keep up this pace, but that doesn't make me less serious about the sport. Numbers cannot dictate who is the best or who is serious... Thats just my honest opinion Patman of Dynamic-Duo
  4. We wear our utility belts.... just go Caching with us!!! PatMan and Boy Wonder
  5. Hello Geocaching world... I'm looking for someone out there that's maybe independently wealty and has it in their heart to donate a GPS unit to a couple guys that live paycheck to paycheck. I am a husband and father of 2 beautiful girls (so you can see why I have no money) my counterpart is a Youth Minister (self explainatory on the Money part) or maybe someone out there is just tired of the game. Either way there's nothing like the gift of giving!!!! (Does this sound desperate?) I'm sure it does, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You all know what it's like to catch the bug for Geocaching.... * sigh * Well... I'm sure we'll end up with one eventually.... nevermind..... Patman and Boy Wonder of Dynamic-Duo PS don't bash us too bad in the replies to this post....
  6. Well... we're still newbies... My first find was Hotwheelers near zip code 70816. I had just found out about Geocaching from a friend living in Florida and he was coming to visit that weekend. I had seen the Jeep TB contest and was watching for one in my area. One popped up in the Hotwheelers cach... I thought I'd find it and log it in as my first and score the Jeep TB. I went after work and hiked through the trail... did I mention that I have no GPS? Ah... the story gets more interesting. I walked the trails using the clues and description but only had limited time to search... I left empty handed. The next day I got my buddy... the other half of Dynamic-Duo and we went out again looking... The Jeep TB was still showing in the Cache. We went at lunch time and actually found the cache with no GPS in about 20 minutes. The problem was someone was in the log and had been there earlier that morning and gotten the Jeep TB... Bummer!!! Anyway, we are hooked... We've got 5 finds now, 4 regular TB and 2 Jeep TB's... All with no GPS... We would like to get one.... hopefully soon. Ah.... Feel free to donate one to us if you like!!! Cache On!!!! Patman of Dynamic-Duo
  7. Are those fingers I see in that picture?!!? Yikes!!!
  8. Hi all, I'm brand new to Geocaching, but have found my first two caches with out a GPS... Probably Dumb luck! I am looking to buy a used GPs unit. From what I can tell it being WAAS enabled is important. Please e-mail me if you have anything for sale. patrick@fairwaybr.com Thanks, Patman of Dynamic-Duo
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