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  1. True, but we have CAAR now. And it took years to get that after the idea was first proposed. So you can use CAAR to accomplish this today, or wait until 2014 or so and use polygons. But by then there will probably be an even better way to get the data. Hehe, I see your point, it usually takes quite a bit of time to get new features implemented Nice idea about the CAAR though, I have never really thought of zigzagging like that before, I will give it a try next time I'm going on a caching trip.
  2. Hi I have been thinking of this feature a long time. But it's only recent that I have been thinking of posting something about it. I have made a quick scan on the forum and haven't found anything about this, although I am pretty sure I am not alone to have thought of this. Anyway my idea is as follows... I am wondering if it would be possible to go into building a new pocket query simply by drawing a connected shape on the map? Say I want to go on a caching trip around some of the towns up here in the north of Sweden. Sure I can make a PQ with "Caches Along a Route" but that won't give me that many caches around the towns as I would like without getting a lot of unnecessary caches far away from the road. If I want to do this today I usually do a "Caches Along a Route" plus a separate PQ (in this case four) for each town I plan on visiting along the way. I figure if you could draw on the map, that would be great! It could perhaps look something like this? I am not aware of any "drawing support" in the Google Map API as of today but perhaps there could be some sort of workaround? (I am not so skilled in the arts of programming )
  3. I can verify that the Oregon 450 works great with a Sandisk SDHC 8Gb memory card. I contacted Garmin before purchasing mine and they verified that it would work. I don't really see why it shouldn't work with even larger cards for example 16Gb since it seems to support all SDHC cards. But then you have to ask yourself... how much map do you really need =)
  4. I really like that this function about attributes was added. I changed my settings to 1.01 and my PQ's and downloaded GPX files contain the attribute information when I check the files with notepad. My problem is that I don't see anything about the attributes on my GPS unit. I use a Garmin Oregon 450 and I tried both transfer via GSAK and directly adding the GPX file to the Garmin GPX folder on my unit without any results. I checked for updates to my unit but I have the latest from WebUpdater. Is it possible to change some setting or do I have to use a special firmware for this to work?
  5. It's nice that the moderators that are editing this thread misspelled the name of the program that we are all discussing =). Anyhow, I am glad that it has come to groundspeaks attention that there are programs out there that are perhaps better and more user friendly than the ones they are offering. I really hope that Groundspeak and Tom can find a solution that works reasonable for both premium members and free members. I have a question for those of you that are using (or have tried) the iPhone application. Is it possible to use it if you are a free member? And how does it work? Are there restrictions in how much information that is displayed or other such limitations? Personally I can say that I have been using the xxxxx-program from my first caching day and it is the reason that I (after a month or two) became a premium member so that I could combine the power of spontaneous caching, pocket queries and the possibility to be up to date with everything from TB's to logs. As a side note I must say that it is a little cheap that you only get a petty five logs from the PQ's. I have always used 25 as a minimum and I would have missed many caches if I didn't have them with me. Conclusion: Go to work Groundspeak and fix this, it's what your members are paying you to do!
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