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  1. Thankyou very much Bluemotmot for your generosity. I will be sure to activate and release your coin so it can travel around Australia. James
  2. Looks like i might have missed out Sent msg anyway.
  3. I would be keen for a copper coin.
  4. Mine rocked up in australia today. Nice Coins. Thanks.
  5. Willing to drop coins in Brisbane Queensland Australia.
  6. Awsome design and well thought about. Would like the main colour to be something other than pink though..... I would still buy one anyway.
  7. is there a link to a picture where i can see this coin?
  8. How much money per coin is going to the charity?
  9. If you want to send any coins to brisbane then you can send a PM to me...
  10. All fixed... loading alot faster now.
  11. Site down??? it just sits there loading for me. No server error.
  12. Thanks very much for your generosity. Greatly appreciated. Sent PM
  13. Thanks Ranger. Mine rocked up on friday in aus just in time for the event i went to on Sunday. Everyone i showed was very impressed. Thnaks very much ranger.
  14. I guess you could just change the extention manually? An ASPX file is ASP .Net webpage file so i am not surprised easyGPS will not open it.
  15. RAM mount is the only way to go they are very tuff and have alot less vibration than other flimsy mounts.
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