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  1. See post from March 5.th: GCLH does not work under Firefox 86.0 and MacOS 10.5.7. Runs under Chrome with no problems. Tried to reinstall and it worked for some minutes, and suddenly it was in a bad shape again: When GCLH is running, no other scripts will run, and GCLH in itself is running but not working.
  2. I have found that GCLittle Helper is not functioning well after the latest upgrades of Tampermonkey. GCLH starts as script, but nothing works. And also when active, other scripts are not running, like Geocaching Map Enhacements and others. When GCLH is deactivated, all the other scripts under Tampermonkey runs well. Something major has happened, and I miss all the good features of GCLH.
  3. Does anybody know if IGeoknife will come back to life, i.e. coming back to AppStore or at least being further developed? It is more than a year since it went away, and it is such a good tool for offline geocaching with iPad. I still have it and use it daily, and it should be nice to see it back on track. Or: Is it possible to come in touch with the developer (owner)?
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