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  1. The prodigal son returns! Well, at least to the forums for a single post. Just added a note to one of my caches so thought I would stop in here for a moment. I also did a zip code search on caches in my area and was pleased to see that at long last there are many caches I could search for. Alas, I can't remember the last time I went on a hunt. Maybe someday I'll get back to it. Regret I won't be able to come to the April 16 bash, but my Saturdays are all sewed up these days. Happy caching to the old (and new) treasure hunters! Ron
  2. Now if it had been a stolen GPS, THAT would have been serious!
  3. Now that's the kind of cache I have dreamed about...one that only the true die-hard hiker/cacher will go for. That was the impetus behind my set of caches at a nearby resevoir. Only a few cachers have gone the distance. Still busy with other interests though, and hot weather is not THIS cacher's friend. Thanks for all the kind words above. I still have a few "evil" ideas left in me....maybe someday. Ron P.S. Hi Don!
  4. I'm back ! No, not really. Just saw that the SAC group had come to Stockton and it brought back memories of days gone by. Speaking of which, is there a site anywhere that lists the top 10 finders/placers around the world? I know several of the bay area cachers are in the 4K to 5K range for finds, though for the life of me I can't imagine how the "sport" can still demand that much attention after "x" number of finds! Ron
  5. . . Pat..... I mentioned that tiny micro to you a year ago? I must have REALLY been having a good time...time has zoomed by. Now if I can just find the tiny thing among my piles of papers, etc. I won't mention it again until I've placed it! Bill...... It's not that I ran out of evil ideas for caches, just....well you know....moved on. For some reason I'm not getting email notifications when there is a new post here, so I will check on that or just check in periodically. Ron
  6. . . . Hey, I resemble those remarks ! Sad to say I haven't done any caching for some time, but still read all the find notes on my many caches and read the forum from time to time. One thing I can definitely say....it was never the "numbers" for me. If it had been, I wouldn't have stopped at 922 finds and I think 198 hides! Maybe someday I'll put out that "World's Smallest Cache" as my number 200. Hi to all the "old timer" cachers I remember from "the day". Ron
  7. . . Hey Pat ! Now there's a thought. I should check the exact date I last posted. Better yet, I could just not post here for the next year or so..that should guarantee a....."longest time since last post"....award! Have you and Jaimee been doing any caching? I've just been too busy with other things to get out there and find some. Had a big adventure though near Oroville. Hiked to the 6th tallest waterfalls in the United States...Feather Falls...640 feet tall. Didn't think many people would make the 10 mile round trip, but was surprised to see the observation platform filled with about 20 people! Wonderful falls. Ron
  8. ... .... Time flies! Been more than a month I think since I logged in here! I tried to get to one of my own subscriber only pages and was denied since I didn't renew my paid membership. That's weird. Guess I will either have to ante up or request that all my subscriber only pages be made public so I can get to them. Ron
  9. . . When the movie Planet Of The Apes came out a few years ago, the movie company hid movie props around the country. One was in the bay area. I looked for it for about 20 minutes when two other cachers came up. While I was talking to one person, the other person found it! Ron
  10. . . Re Railroad Track caches: Ah, the good old days ... I was standing ON railroad tracks when one of those pickups-turned-locomotive came "steaming" by. As I got off the tracks, a friendly wave to the rail guys was returned with a friendly wave from them. They didn't get all bent out of shape at some old geezer puttering around in the rocks and railroad leftovers. Now GRANTED, this was NOT an active passenger or freight line, but rather an old, out-of-commission (except for the odd tourist run) line. ***************** I have several caches at ABANDONED railroad tunnels, stations, end of lines, etc. In fact I have a series of caches called End Of The Line. A simple note to the approvers takes care of this and as Green Achers says, a picture works too. The maps they work from might show a rail line, but they have no indicator as to whether it's operational or not. I've found some great hikes by just DRIVING TO a rail line and seeing all the rails and ties GONE, leaving a nice bed for hiking. On that note....ALL ABOARD! Ron
  11. . . Somebody's got way too much time on his hands! Ron
  12. . To use the quote feature, you do it the way I just did it! ********************** Look at the post you want to quote. In the top right corner of that post is the quote link. Push that button. It will pop up a plain white window. That is where you post your reply. If you want to edit the original post down to a more workable size...maybe a particular point....scroll down on the right side of the screen and you will see the original post you are quoting. you can delete any parts that aren't pertinent to what you are "re-addressing" ************************ Ron
  13. . . Hey Wildlifeguy... I don't plan on archiving my caches at Pardee. They are all legitimate caches, legally accessible. No reason to archive them. The shortage of cachers willing to go for a long hike is no reason to consider archiving a cache. The reality is that more cachers are interested in driving up or taking no more than a block or two walk to a cache. Nothing wrong with that of course, but again it's not a reason to archive caches just because cachers would rather grab 6 to 10 in a day than walk a few miles for one or two caches. The caches you plan to place on islands will be other examples of caches that won't be widely sought. The number of boat owners is "x". The number of boat owners who are also cachers is smaller than "x". Take a look at any of the caches that are currently on islands and you'll see what I mean. Also the number of cachers in the foothills localities is smaller than say in the urban areas. This fact also means fewer people will go for your ammo boxes on islands. Just some thoughts. By the way...I'll be happy to go for any of your landbased caches whether one block or 5 miles from the parking spot. Ron
  14. . . Escaped the valley fog today by going to Pardee where I hoped to hike the north shore...but....the entire complex was closed down and parking was impossible. So..... Hiked, for about the 10th time, the trail to Where's That Valet #4 and then on to Cowpie Trail, both of which are mine. The Valet cache was last found March 13, 2003 and has only been found ONCE though two separate cachers looked for it. The Cowpie Trail cache was last found May 20, 2003. It was looked for (and found) by two cachers. The other 5 caches I have along this long trail have only been found by one cacher, Two Dollar Bill, who has since given up on geocaching. The Valet cache is a very close hike from the parking lot, and even the Cowpie isn't that far. Look at the distance table on either of those pages for the distances on the other 5 caches. A beautiful sunny day up there today! Ron
  15. . . You're welcome. Nice to see a new utility we can use. Ron
  16. . Works...maybe. I typed in my own name and used the auto choice first. Didn't work. I typed in my own name and used the user profile choice. WORKED. I then typed in the name of another cacher and it brought my own profile back up. ************** Is it just me, or are there bugs. I like the idea of a quick-search though! Ron
  17. Getting back into caching a bit with the advent of some new central valley cachers and hopefully some new placements by those folks. Meanwhile, the old gray cells get a workout looking at cache pages and the forums. Here's something that might interest the new folks. *********************** When a cache hider makes a cache "members only", the cache placer gets to see who has been looking at the cache page. This is called an audit trail. It shows WHO has looked at a cache page, and HOW MANY TIMES they have looked at the page. *********************** Here is the audit trail for a cache I placed 5 months ago which has not yet been found. In the parentheses areas I have put an "x" to replace the number of times these cachers have looked at the page. As they say on TV..."...to protect the innocent". (but I have no problem posting their names!) Go find it guys. *********************** Audit Log for Three Clubs 1/6/2004 6:35:00 PM Ron Streeter (x times) 1/6/2004 5:46:12 PM BootyBuddies (x times) 1/5/2004 6:39:29 PM Krebega Team (x times) 1/5/2004 11:00:34 AM rjchtgt 1/4/2004 8:49:35 PM ryanctek (x times) 1/2/2004 10:57:03 PM BKSGRB 1/1/2004 3:58:33 PM Semi-Hex 12/24/2003 9:08:23 AM wildlifeguy (x times) 12/17/2003 1:01:21 AM GeoCrickets (x times) 11/23/2003 2:14:01 AM Team Pinecone 11/22/2003 9:56:35 AM fredericxx (x times) 11/7/2003 2:33:19 PM digitalfish 11/3/2003 2:36:32 PM goblindust 11/1/2003 10:58:34 AM Chuguy (x times) 10/13/2003 6:49:54 AM poohntigger (x times) 10/8/2003 10:13:35 PM Cache_Chasers (x times) 9/16/2003 8:27:40 PM MikieP (x times) 9/15/2003 2:09:01 PM Skier4000 8/28/2003 2:19:22 PM Mike & Connie (x times) 8/16/2003 2:07:37 PM Team Libra 8/15/2003 11:22:07 PM TeamAlamo 8/15/2003 7:11:27 PM joey7 8/15/2003 9:15:55 AM Two Dollar Bill (x times) 8/15/2003 7:15:53 AM Ranger10 (x times) 8/14/2003 7:22:45 PM tophee 8/14/2003 4:07:28 PM TeamJiffy 8/14/2003 1:39:50 PM ZachNLiam 8/14/2003 1:06:00 PM JaimeeG 8/13/2003 5:51:10 PM Stickers On My Socks and Monkey 8/13/2003 3:30:41 PM CARDA186 8/13/2003 3:26:01 PM GeoSharks 8/13/2003 2:16:47 PM zombie tribe
  18. Hey FFF... Your blinking beacon is a bit off coming to the central valley for San Jose, so you might want to flash on over to this forum....San Francisco based. Hope your hubby enjoys the caching! Ron Bay Area Forum
  19. . . Tomaski? I thought you went to the great geocaching event in the sky! Ron
  20. Hey Mike.... I'll take that "old crew" comment the way you intended it, but having hit 60 in October it has double meaning for me! ************** Back from Kansas where I tended to a couple of mine and had time to find just one. I left off a travel bug after giving it a good 1800 mile trip. Airport security not bad. One place asked for shoes off...the other didn't. Laptops have to come out of cases. Checked luggage was opened and then a plastic seal put on after a note was put inside. Now was that box of chocolates open when I put it my bag? Happy Holidays everyone! Ron
  21. . . You know you haven't been caching much when..... 1) You can't figure out how to use Spinner and Plucker to get pages on a PDA. 2) You don't know what FTF means. 3) You forget to take spare batteries. 4) You forget to take a pencil to a film cannister cache. 5) You only have 1 set of coordinates loaded when there are 10 caches within 1 mile. 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Happy Holidays everyone...I'm off to Oz for a few days to visit mom. Ron
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