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  1. OK Gang, Thanks for your input. I have emailed the cachers asking for an edit to the log. If I don't see it in 24 hours, I'll delete it and they can try again. I think this seems fair. In the meantime, I have updated the cache page with the aforementioned bold text and a non-24/7 attribute. I don't think that this will be an ongoing problem, but I might just raise the difficulty a hair. When people see a 1/1, they figure it's a quick grab and to heck with the rules. In truth, it IS a quick grab, but the rules kind of have to be followed. By the way Brian, let me know when you'll be here and I'll gladly take you with me on some cachin' madness. Speaking of which, you guys would prolly like my blog: Airsafety's Cachin' Madness Best Regards to All and Cache Well, ~Airsafety
  2. Hey Gang, Today I received a log on one of my caches that indicated the find was made at night - 11:00 pm to be exact. The cache is located on private property in a wildlife sanctuary, which used to be a vast estate. The manor house is still in use as a residence and the sanctuary (as well as the cache page) is CLEARLY POSTED "Open from dawn to dusk". Now, I happen to be good friends with the staff at the sanctuary and it took me 6 months to convince them to allow my two geocaches on the property. The relationship has been very positive for all of us - they welcome cachers during daylight hours 365 days a year. Now the question: the last finder clearly violated the sanctuary's daylight hours policy, as well as the listing requirements on GC.com. Should I remove the log since they made the find without regard for the sanctuary and the thousands of cachers who play by the rules? I am pretty upset about this... it took a lot of work to get this far and I would hate to see this sport discredited by those who don't give a rat's a** about anyone else... know what I mean? What would YOU do if you were me? ~Airsafety
  3. Hi Gang, I've decided to chase down "Dark" by Fergus this Sunday. All are welcome to join us - we'll be on site at 11:00 am, rain or shine. I can't think of a better way to kick off Father's Day, can you? See you there! Airsafety
  4. This guy was hiding under a rusty shovel head at the very first cache I ever went after, and let me tell you, it scared the Jeebis outta me (although I did manage to collect myself enough to go change my undies and get the camera to snag this shot.) Now I always do the woodsy caches with a hiking staff, and I spent some time learning about snakes. The copperhead is actually very docile and prefers to stay still, relying on camoflage, when approached. Unless you step on one, or piss it off with prolonged poking, it won't budge. So don't step on one...
  5. I am almost always wrong about these things, but it kind of looks like a Paw Paw sapling. Are there any taller versions of this nearby? Paw Paws grow along streams and bear fruit in the fall... Just a wild guess... Airsafety
  6. Count me IN. You guys throw a darn good party... err... event... and I can't wait for the next one! Can't wait to see everyone!
  7. Here is my friend (name removed to protect the innocent) celebrating a recent cache hunt by returning Nature's Bounty to the Good Earth... Do YOU have a ritual that you perform when you make a cache find? Please share your crazy antics with the rest of us! (My own ritual is very similar to (name removed), except that I don't think to check the wind direction beforehand!)
  8. Hi Gang, I managed to get Lyme's last August, just two months into my new caching career. I am very tick and bug aware, doing full tick checks at the end of each outing. I won't bore you with the symptoms, but it was really quite bad because I wound up flying for 5 days, then having to endure the weekend for my Doc's office to open on Monday morning. No fun at all. There is one precaution that I use daily that hasn't been mentioned yet: I invested in a pair of half-gaiters which have been 100% effective in keeping ticks off of my lower body (meaning my skin.) I always wear my shirt tucked in, which helps as well. The entry points now are my arms, neck and head, and I check vigorously upon returning home. Ticks are climbers, and they like snug places. Inside of waistbands is a favorite spot, but they will take any access to your skin that they can find. There is another method which may help to keep the little buggers at bay once you are in the house: take your caching clothes and throw them in the dryer on high heat for 15 minutes. They die. I know this doesn't sound right, since most folks wash their clothes before drying, but it seems to work. I can't recommend the half gaiters strongly enough for tick control, and they also help with mud and low stream crossings ) Ya, I know, it seems to be my preferred method to always be on the wrong side of the water! Happy Caching! AS
  9. I was just thinking about driving down to seek Elvis Confluence tomorrow and was very pleased to see that Elvis has in fact been found! Congratulations to DMflyer and Hobodude for bringing Elvis back to life! They had quite an adventure and logged coordinates as well as instructions about access to the site. Well done guys!
  10. Thank you 2Wheelin' for the post, and many thanks to all of my friends near and far who have provided encouragement, inspiration, excellent hides, and all around great sportsmanship! I have been very, very fortunate to have friends such as these! Best Regards to All, and Happy Caching! ~Airsafety
  11. Bloody Well Done Mate! I think I'll have a pint in your honor to mark this austere occaision, governer...
  12. Congratulations Gentlemen! Don't forget to invite me to the 1000th cache party!
  13. Nicely done, Nik! Best Wishes for the next 500!
  14. There's no stopping you, Gaiter! Can we look forward to a special Gaiterman cache to mark this event? Congratulations! Airsafety
  15. I have adopted SBUX 10 in Leesburg, VA... it's open and ready for business! This was my second find, and my first micro... I was amazed by all the log entries at the time. I am quite sad to see SBUX leaving the sport. I'm looking forward to maintaining this cache, as it holds fond memories for many, and I wish SBUX the very best in her future endeavors. ~ Airsafety
  16. WOW! 600! Do you dream about caches at night? Is your rest interrupted with visions of unfound caches in the woods, softly calling out to you to find them? Are you tormented by phantasmic leaky tupperware containers filled with black goo? Do you hoard spare batteries all over the house? Ya, I thought so. Congratulations - here's to 1000!
  17. WOOWOO! Congratulations on 200!! Before ya know it you'll be staring 500 right in the face!
  18. Hey hey! Congratulations! Happy Caching
  19. I've had my eye on Morven for a while, but I haven't had the time to commit to the 'process'. My caches at Rust Sanctuary took 3 months for approval, involving numerous phone calls, meetings, and one-on-one collaboration with the property manager. If I can help in any way, please let me know. When you start this proces, be prepared for an uphill battle that may take a considerable amount of time and energy. Drop me an email from the GC site (Airsafety) and let me know how it's going! Best of Luck
  20. Man, I wish I lived near enough to root around for those tracks! I saw that the thread wandered to Fishers and such - I have seen a Fisher, when I was living in Vermont. We spotted it in the Northeast Kingdom, near Island Pond. They are quite nasty, according to lore, but the one that we spotted moved like a shadow and swiftly eluded us. Very smooth gait, like it was floating. It was low to the ground, although it could have held itself higher. This encounter was in summer, in late afternoon and we got a picture, although this was in the late 80's, long before digital cameras and the photo is no longer my collection (the ex might have it still.) I spotted a coyote just last month with my crew while on the way to the airport in Fayetteville, AR and although it wasn't my first coyote sighting it was definitely my biggest. It was very large, shockingly so... appearing to be in the 75+ pound range. If I could have stopped the hotel van to pursue a better look and maybe some tracks, I would have... but alas, the needs of the airline came first. Good luck making your ID... please post back if you find something definitive )
  21. Hi Gang, My signature item for 2005 is a 'handmade' zipper pull which glows in the dark. Since I travel for a living, it was important to have something light, non-metallic (airport security), kid friendly, and somewhat useful. These will fit in most micros and minis. I'm still scouting out some custom beads, but this is the current model. I'd be happy to mail some in trade, or to events on request. There was a question about cost - these are less than 20 cents and fun to make! I'm still working on a FTF, or really 'good' signature item for those epic caches out there. There are certainly some amazing signature items around... Happy Caching!
  22. Hi All, A quick word about the WHY and WHY NOT of airline GPS policies. A very little known fact: the hijackers on 9-11 did not know how to use the navigation systems on board the hijacked aircraft. They used handheld GPS units to navigate to their targets that day. This is why you will never be allowed to use your GPS on American or American Eagle. This issue isn't avionics interference, nor is it presented that way. This issue is security, and GPS use is specifically prohibited on AA/AE. Every airline carrier has it's own policy regarding GPS usage. Check with the carrier, or with a Flight Attendant on board for acceptable use. I'm sure you all will agree with the statement: NEVER AGAIN. Happy caching (and save that battery power for the find!) Airsafety
  23. Thank you very much for tasking the time to come out with us to Leprechaun Ritual, Beachbuddies! It was an honor to meet you at the site of one of your amazing caches. It is my hope that one day I'll finally be smart enough to tackle your puzzle caches... Haha! Warmest Regards, Airsafety
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