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  1. Hey, I've always liked looking at the maps, and mousing over the states. I live near Chicago IL, so naturally I've found most of my caches in Illinois - about 10,000. Wisconsin (~2,800) and Indiana (~1,700) are a distant second and third. So, my map of the US has a dark green IL, a medium toned WI & IN, and things fade off, on a linear scale, down to Alabama (2 finds!). There's not a lot of differentiation in the color at the bottom of the scale. For example, there's a slight difference on my map between Louisiana - 23 finds - and Texas - 328 finds. Rather than choosing colors along the continuum of tones linearly, there might be more contrast if the find counts were scaled logarithmically. Then the scale would be .3 to 4, in base 10. This table illustrates how more of the scale would be used: State Finds Linear Log(Finds) Log Scale IL 10282 1.00 4.01 1.00 WI 2823 0.27 3.45 0.85 IN 1737 0.17 3.24 0.79 TX 328 0.03 2.52 0.60 LA 23 0.00 1.36 0.29 AL 2 0.00 0.30 0.00 Thanks! Scott / sgauss
  2. I attended one of my local events: GC71GCD, logged as attended on April 13, but I didn't get the souvenir. I thought when I logged the event it showed me that I was being awarded the souvenir, but no signs of it.
  3. I've been playing with the builder, learning the concepts, and working on a prototype for a cartridge/cache. Last night I decided it was time to try it out on real hardware in the field, so I loaded up the prototype on my Android phone and my Oregon and tested it out. The good news is it ran well and looked good on my phone. The bad news is I hadn't fully accounted for the Oregon player and was trying to trigger a sequence by selecting a character. That utterly failed on the Oregon, but it can be fixed. I'm interested in differentiating the behavior of my cartridge for the hardware, rather than being forced to write to the lowest common denominator. In this case, I'd add/enable a 'talk' command for the character on the Oregon. I'd also like to take advantage of some of the commands the Oregon doesn't support to go directly to an item in inventory, rather than making the user navigate through the UI. I absolutely want to support all possible platforms; part of the reason I bought my Oregon was to play Wherigo long before I had a smart phone. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to detect if I'm running on an Oregon? Should I assume the Colorado has the same capabilities/limits as the Oregon?
  4. I'm having the same issue. I just started seriously working on Wherigo yesterday, worked on some prototype stuff, and played with it in the emulator. Then I did a little more work, and when I tried to load the emulator to try out my changes I saw the same error.
  5. onclick javascript must have broke. If you zoom in or out after clicking on those options, it does change. Or click check for a cache type and then check mark back in. My maps aren't loading at all... (Firefox 3.5.7) This is still an issue for me...same version of Firefox.
  6. Does anyone have any pictures of the cache? There aren't any posted on the (disabled) listing for this cache.
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