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  1. ---deleted--- [This message was edited by Kiddguy on September 16, 2003 at 03:58 PM.]
  2. quote:Originally posted by TBismine:ARRRR!!! U thinks me is the bad pirate. I'm a good pirate ARRR!!!!! You're neither. You're just an a$$h0le.
  3. Wait a minute. Alansfreed noticed the format of a URL, tried it, was given additional info, and now he's not welcome at geocaching events?! I've seen posts from several cachers who did the same thing (but got no results). If a Magellan cache hunter knew a shortcut to the cache's coordinates would you require that they take the same route as everyone else because the shortcut would give them an unfair advantage? Many cachers in Pittsburgh learned from their newspaper that the cache was in their city. Wouldn't you consider that unfair? And to say that he is not welcome at geocaching events is a shame. Give the guy a break. It's not like alansfreed used his hacking skills to try to break into Magellan's secret server. He just noticed the URL and gave it a shot. I'd like to think cachers are resourceful people
  4. quote:Originally posted by sbell111:I suspect a cop would think that your doing something wrong. Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again. Yeah, I suspect he would. I wonder why that is?
  5. quote:Originally posted by sbell111:I think that the only way this writing will be associated with geocaching is if the cacher gets busted actually writing on the sign, But if you are not doing anything wrong, as many above have suggested, why would you be worried about getting busted?
  6. Geocachers don't want trash in their caves. Cavers don't want geocachers in their caves. Archaeologists don't want cavers in their caves. Animals don't want archaeologists in their caves. Where will it end?
  7. quote:Originally posted by bigeddy:...It is simply using the correct terminology... Actually "GPS" is as correct as "GPSr". While the device you hold in your hand may not be the Global Positioning System it is definitely a Global Positioning System.
  8. quote:Originally posted by blue light:...expertgps is kind of expensive... And worth every penny!
  9. Kind of like using the word "pedantic".
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