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  1. There are 2, that I know of, in Dublin. One is a multi, the other a puzzle.
  2. We came, we saw, we hiked, we got the smiley . Thank you to everyone who helped me with information. We enjoyed a memorable three week holiday in Washington, Oregon and California. This cache stubbornly resisted our attempts to find it, but we persevered and succeeded.
  3. Thank you for those responses. It seems I made an unsafe assumption about weather in June. I'm glad I asked in plenty of time to be suitably prepared.
  4. Looking for local knowledge of the Monte Cristo trail. We're a family of four from Ireland visiting the area in June. Top of my list of geocaching targets are Jasmer months not available in Europe, specifically May, Oct & Nov 2000. The Monte Cristo cache (GCBC) is my preference for Nov 2000. We'll be doing this in the first week of June. Are there specific environmental factors we should he aware of, factors that don't arise is Ireland, e.g. midday / early afternoon temperature, wildlife, insects? Thanks for your help with this.
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