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  1. That's a good radio, but for any rough environments I prefer my old HTX-202 or a reprogrammed Motorola MT-2000. They are tough enough to survive abuse (my FT-60 didn't) and the HTX-202 is such a tank and so cheap to buy that I don't mind if anything happens to it. Now if there was only a dual-bander that was as tough I could use the x-band repeater in the car.. hmm.. Either way, enjoy. 73 de N9LCK
  2. I hate to beat a dead horse, but as a local repeater trustee I have to chime in.. 146.52 is the national calling freq, so as such I always have it in my scan list. This is a great freq that everyone has, including those who are using re-purposed commercial radios. It's simple, it's easy and it's in the band-plan for everyone to use. Plus, many hams who don't read this forum will monitor it as well. Until today I didn't even know about this debate. A second note is the slow demise of the local repeaters. We've seen the amount of time our transmitters are on the air diminish dramatically since cell phones became so ubiquitous. Here in the Florida Keys (great years round caching!) we have a system that is linked throughout the 110 mile long county and almost no one uses it. If someone wants to rag-chew on the system while caching, then go right ahead. That's what it's there for. With the proliferation of lower powered HTs it almost doesn't make sense to even try simplex here. The local repeater is always up, able to be hit in most areas, and has so little traffic that it almost always available. You can always try "Anyone on frequency geocaching?" as your call. Just my $0.02 Chris N9LCK
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