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  1. I know people who have quit because to them, geocaching started to feel like a job. They felt like they had to find every cache in their area and it wasn't fun anymore because of all the parking lot caches and power trails. Some of them even felt overwhelmed when they saw the amount of caches in their area and they weren't able to keep up with the amount of caches that they thought that they had to find. I suppose when it starts to feel like that and that it is no longer fun, you may as well quit.

  2. I started with a Megellan 310 and had to enter coordinates one by one. I wrote the coordinates down on index cards along with the cache name so I could log them on when I returned home. I had terrible internet back then and there were a ton of caches I found and never logged because back then I was only interested in the search and not the numbers.


    Imagine that.. And they were full of cool things. I do not ever even remember finding anything but ammo cans or the like.


    That is so true. It was more about the search and the adventure than it was about the numbers. Miss those days.

  3. We've done the cross Canada geocaching vacation a few times minus Newfoundland. One thing for sure, even if you drive straight through Ontario alone, whether it is on the 17 or 11 from Thunder Bay east, it will take you at least 2 days of driving alone. We always look forward to the this trip each year, but last year, we went Saskatchewan east to Cape Breton and PEI. It is a beautiful drive though around Lake Superior in the fall when the leaves are turning. It is alot of driving but very fun. We will probably do it again this summer.

  4. So some friends and I were discussing the value of long-time geocachers to the game.


    As I see it, they spread the word about geocaching better than anyone or anything. They help new cachers get into the game and teach them about the game.


    I know for myself, if I cache with newbies I always encourage them to sign up to get a paid membership to geocaching.com, which is a benefit to geocaching.com as a business, but it also helps newcomers with pocket queries, notifications and other benefits of a paid membership.


    Old timers put on events (most of the events around here are put on by old timers).


    At events, excitement and interest in geocaching spreads. I spent time with a newbie at a recent event. It was fun to share the joy of caching. The event was chock full of mainly old timers, but there were newbies there checking out the game.


    I could go on with this list, and I'll add some more later, but I want to give others a chance to answer this question.


    Of course newbies are very important to this game, we all know that, and you can start that thread. But this one is just about those of us who have been around a while.


    IMHO you are throwing around very relative and subjective terms...I have been using portable GPS units since 1997, long before I started geocaching in 2001...I might consider you a "newbie"... Who is "us" as you say? :unsure:


    Not sure where you get your classifications on what is and what isn't a newbie. We have been caching since 04. We still use a GPS and our number of finds is not important. We enjoy it for what it is. Who is "us"?

  5. I like the forums, i don't have a facebook account. I have been reading this forum since I started many years ago. I don't post much but I read quite a bit of it. I find this forum very helpful. I used to visit a local forum in the maritimes years ago when I lived there but no longer exists. Now that I live in Saskatchewan, there is a local page but is pretty much abandoned as I can't even get someone to approve my account. I visit the Mbga site on occasion but this is the one I go to most frequently. I hope this forum never goes away.

  6. I wonder if the TB number was shared with Groundspeak if they would respond in any way?


    Nope. They gave up policing this kind of stuff in the past year or so. The floodgates have been opened.


    You weren't around when the floodgates were opened for power trails to be allowed, were you Mrs. I? Well, this is how many of us felt back then, we couldn't believe it. This one just didn't get much publicity. :lol:


    In all seriousness though, I guess Groundspeak doesn't advertise it, but virtual logging of TB's is allowed if the owner allows it. A local Geocaching organization, for example, is free to put their tracking number up on Facebook and/or all over the internet, and have anyone anywhere in the world discover it. And from what I've seen, they'd have thousands of people take them up on it.


    That's no fun, I like finding tb's the old fashioned way.

  7. Can someone please explain to us why we should spend/waste our time looking for benchmarks when we don't get credit (a "find") for them. Thank you. Mike and Linda


    You make it sound like a job. :lol:

  8. 500 is really nothing. I can get twice that in one weekend.


    I'm not trying to start anything but saying 500 is nothing is not a very encouraging statement to make for someone or anyone who has less than that him/herself. It took me almost 3 years to get 500 finds and when I started, there weren't many to find, so back in the day, 500 for anyone was a big deal. I look forward to seeing your progress when you find 1000 in one weekend.

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