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  1. Make me number three. I haven't hooked a pole in over 5 years (Go desk job ) but I hated all that junk people stick on poles. -dave
  2. I just placed my first and I wrote the coordinates on it. Why, because I was told to. From "Placing your first Geocache" Once you have your waypoint, write it in permanent marker on the container, the log book, and make sure you have a copy to bring back with you. Write a few notes in the log book if you like, place it in a zip-loc baggie, and place it in the container. Make sure to secure the container with a rock, etc, to decrease the chance of it blowing, floating, or being carried away. I myself said, why do I have to write the coordinates on the cache. If you found it, well you know them already. But I assumed that its on geocaching.com for a reason, and i can follow instruction when i have to.
  3. If I am with my kids I will trade. If I am by myself and there is something that appeals to me, I will trade. If the cache is full of damp band-aids and McToys, I very often TNLNSL, but sometimes I TNLSSL - it depends on the cache (and the phase of the moon) However, for me, the enjoyment is in the logs. I like to sit and read what other people have written. Thats what interests me. But I do not get upset if somebody writes "found" and thats it. Its how you want to play the game. Me, I put the date, time, weather condition, and some little story about the search/find. -dave
  4. You are tempting me. Maybe if I can convincemy wife to drive while I sleep. See, I live right by the George Washington Bridge and I hunt right by Sparta (Flatbrook-Roy WMA) so its drive out for sunrise, hunt, drive back, drive out to event, drive back and fall asleep on the way But ... the lure of the German market may be enought to convince her. I'll let you know. -dave
  5. Thanks for the invite, however that would be a shotgun totin' day. Between a firearms license and a phesant stamp costing almost $70, I have to get afield as many Saturdays during the two month upland game season as possible to justify my other hobby. Someday I'll be able to plan ahead far enough to get out to an event, at least thats what I tell myself. -dave
  6. I'll agree with the statement that bashing seems to be not too prevalent on the NE forum, but "out there" in the Geocaching forums, it can be insane. Trust me, I know all about good natured ribbing (take a look over on www.howwhatwhy,com to see some forums where there is a lot of ribbing among the regulars, but no bashing) Its the comments such as "anybody who logs a find like this is an idiot" and things along that line that leave a bad taste in my mouth. As has been said ump-teen times before, its a game. It's a more important game to some than others, but if overnight, Mr. Irish decided to pack it in and shut down this site, life would still go on. Sure, there would be a fun element of some peoples lives missing, but nobody is going to die over it. Just like if you go for a job interview and claim "I geocache and have 5,283 finds" not too many employers are going to care. So why does anybody care if somebody logs two finds when they should have logged one? Yes its nice to be able to look at stats, but when it boils down to it, what do they matter. Just my take on the general atmosphere. Thanks for lending me the soapbox. -dave
  7. Hi there I am in Bergen County. I havent met any other cachers yet, but who knows. I have only been doing it since June. My schedule is a tad bit jumbled for events right now, most caches I get are a night before (or even morning of as were todays). I also don't post too much on these forums - no offense to anybody who does, but these forums are pretty harsh at times. I am not one to back down from a good debate, but I don't go looking for rock throwing contests either. -dave
  8. Thanks Thats who seems to be selling them the most. -dave
  9. Has anybody used the Gamma Seal Lids for plastic pails? Such as here I have seen and used pre made food storage vaults with this same lid, and the lid itself works great. However they are $$$$ It's the connection between the pail and the adaptor ring that I wonder about. I have not been able to find the adaptor lids in a brick and mortar store to take a good look at them. At $7.00 a lid, and pails are free (who does not have a few spackel buckets laying around) this is not too expensive for a waterproof and duriable jumbo cache. Thanks -dave
  10. TBGHNX To Cindy & The JJJ Girls made it from London to NJ in one move 3,454 miles. However the kicker is that this bug acheived its objective in one move. It ended up going to the town it wanted to in one move. Where can it go from there ? -dave
  11. I tend to lurk around here, but this required an answer, so .... Phesant Season runs to Dec 4, then picks up again on the 16th. I hunt Pheasant As do LOADS of other people Dec 4 is a stocking day Therefore expect a lot of hunters afield on Dec 4, in all stocked WMA areas. However having said that, most fields are hunted out by 1:00 PM. Hunting starts at sunrise and technicaly is open until 1/2 hour after sunset, but most people are gone by 1:00. Anybody after 1:00 is usualy up in the hardwoods as all birds have been pushed out of the fields. So, if you do it, wear orange. Better yet do it on a Sunday. Phesant stocking days are most Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays during season. One good thing is its a lot harder to be mistaken for a flying bird than for a deer, but idiots do abound so caution is the watchword. -dave
  12. Yes yes yes There is a reason that this stuff is standard issue in all phone company equipment lockers - because it works. You can also use it as a laundry additive for effected clothing. The quicker you get it off of you, the better. Some people have a longer "window", but still the quicker the better. One last tip - wash your dog. Nothing worse than letting rover run through it, then come in the house and spread the oil all over the place and then have the youngster hug his oil laden fur.
  13. Or you can just use a regular compass Being new to this myself I use a Legend until I can convince myself that I need more toys I encountered exactly what you described, so out came my Orienteering compass (you can pick them up for under $10) The Legend will display a correct heading to the waypoint regardless of if you are moving or not. Just take a bearing on that heading and off you go. Would one in the GPS be nicer? Of couse, but for now, the trusty compass works fine.
  14. I have to agree. I have pulled them off both myself and the dog (and other family members) They are quite abundant in NW New Jersey - particulary around the start of Phesant season. Never had a problem, the key is to look for them on your body as soon as you have a chance. -dave
  15. Well seeing as I am new to this whole thing, and based in New Jersey, I will be sure to run right out and try this on the next suspected geocacher I see.
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