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  1. Should some things be off limits or should the sky be the limit? You decide, let's here it!
  2. spyderman

    Device NOT FOUND

    Try Radio Shack for a USB to Serial cable conversion. And good luck.
  3. Invite her out to see your find?
  4. No business, no family vacations, no visiting just farthest ever specifically to geo cache.
  5. Looking for opinions, seems there's enough @#&%*@'s out there already. Do you think it is ok to log mileage on a geo-coin if you cannot find a cache or if it has been muggled? To wit: *&%$@# requested name left blank (Traditional Cache) to be archived at 5/23/2009 Saturday, May 23, 2009 @10:11 PM Log Date: 5/23/2009 A couple DNFs,no communication from owner,crappy spot for a hide, I think it is time for this one to go......... *&%$@# posted a note for name left blank (Traditional Cache) at 5/23/2009 @ Saturday, May 23, 2009 11:01 AM Log Date: 5/23/2009 Bouncing coin through to get mileage.....Hi/Bye[]
  6. If you are aware of a violation you should report it to the reviewer. These may have been placed by rescue personel, I will check.
  7. Yes, Earth caches within .1 of Geocache. Sometimes 50'
  8. Do you go around driving anchors in rock? Is this the way people should view cachers?
  9. I have been looking at cache types and found quite a number listed. However, I have found some that seem to be placed by cache hounds improve their numbered "hides". A lot of these are just a few yards from other caches. [What is your opinion on this?
  10. Any have a garmin street map cd for sale ?
  11. Outlaw FTF, there seems to be a lot of cachers out there with swollen heads.
  12. what kind of tom tom is it? I have an Emap, if you're interested.
  13. Here in NC you are required to "purchase" a permit, let the rangers know the location and repay I believe yearly for each cache. Forms provided free of charge by the taxpayers.
  14. If you had to use a phone-a-ffriend to locate a cache would you "Proudly" log it, or log it as a given. I have had cache hogs in the area phone me for directions to a cache, not a hint for it. Let's here some input.
  15. Same cords, same container, same log book. Only difference is I wanted to make it a regular cache and reviewer wanted a new name (Miners dig it-Miners dig it #2) and GC.
  16. I am writing this in response to those who log a cache twice. I had a multi-cache out that was not getting many hits but ended up at a very historic location, well in order to enlighten more folks to the local history I wanted to make this a regular cache. But then the almighty reviewer steps in and says I have to disable the multi and make a new cache at the same cords as the multi would have tken you to. Same cache, same cords just a different GC. When here comes a fellow who had found the cache by "phone a friend" so he jumped on this to claim another "number. Does this seem right, is it the cache or the "numbers" should this be allowed? What is your opinion?
  17. I stand by my monopoly comments. And what an interesting monopoly it is. We give Groundspeak their product (caches hidden) for free and then turn around and pay them to allow us to find them. That person that is standing behind you forcing you to use geocaching.com and forcing you to find the caches should be placed under arrest immediately! Must be one hell of a good restaurant, WHAT is on the menu!
  18. Handspring runs Palm OS. These units have been end of life for some time but they do work well, although they don't always have the latest feature set. They should use the Palm Synch but there's no guarantee they will work with the most current version of that tool. You'll need the cradle for the device and the software to get programs and data onto it. Specifially what do you need? I have been able to download the cachemate, but it comes up as unregistered. How do I get my registered version in.
  19. I have been using a Palm lllxe, now I would like to try a handspring. Can anyone help with set-up ?
  20. Would you consider selling it ?
  21. I started with a Garmin 12 which belonged to my brother-in-law. Not long after I bought an E-Map and still have it along with four more units. The e-map is as accurate as any on given days. I use my e-map as a loaner to folks who want to try their luck at caching and most are and were pleased with it. However it lacks some of the bells and whistles of newer models but I use it with GSAK and am still pleased with it.
  22. spyderman

    Any one know ?

    What is and how to use the ignore list ! Does anyone know ? I have seen this on the PQ's but do not know anything about it, will this prevent caches to be ignored from showing ?
  23. spyderman

    Pocket quaries

    What is the ignor list and do would you create one?
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