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  1. Same competitive nature here. Ive been know to look for over an hr. Bisons hidden in a dense conglomerate of pine trees, or a large hedgerow comes to mind....Then it will start gnawing the %^$# out of me until I can get back to avenge my apparent self perceived ineptitude. Sometimes even on the same day!
  2. Life...Life is my motivation. I work full time and then some. I, as well as my wife unit, are the primary caregiver for my mother who lives with us, and suffers from Alzheimer's disease. The need for a break, to just get away for even just a lil bit. And due to our schedules I end up flying solo most of the time ..which is not necessarily a bad thing. This geo-thing is not really her bag. Sure she will go with me at times if we can get all the planets to align properly. Not by herself tho. She is not into it nearly as much as I am. She has other interests. Motivation is really not that motivating. A little time along with the aspect of maybe some peace and quiet, Fresh air, and being "Out" is all the motivation required.
  3. Back in 2004 when I first started You actually had to make an investment of both time and money. It actually took a level of dedication just to find your first cache. I heard about our "Sport" on about the 13th of June, found this forum and read Everything I could. Became a Premium member on the 15th..Then went out and bought me a Magellan Sportrac Pro for something like $100.00, and found our first cache on the 20th. We would print out the cache pages and would actually keep them on a clip board and take that out with us lol. I think a lot has changed in the 16yrs since our first find. Most notably the prevalence of what I call micro spew, and smaller caches in general. I just do not understand why there should be a small bison hidden in an area that could absolutely sustain a larger cache, even a small Loc N Loc. or a small plastic peanut butter jar. I still go out and look for the micro and even a nano in the woods but often wonder ..Why...Here. Caching doesn't seem to be as family (Kid) friendly as it was back then. our kids who were 14 & 12 when we first started looked forward to finding and trading swag, But the advent of smaller and smaller caches just seems to me that it kinda robs kids of the thrill of the hunt and the fun and excitement of what might be hidden away in the ammo can lol...It really was like a treasure hunt to them. The prevalence of the cell phone free app..More specifically teens who think geocaching is nothing more than a different "Form" of Pok E Man Go. I see logs quite often posted to a cache page from new free member that they found a certain cache but upon my arrival at GZ no such sig is on the log, Meaning that more then likely they looked and either did or didn't find it but for what ever reason neglected to actually make their mark and called it good. I have tried to contact them and give em a few tips and to let them know that signing is actually a prerequisite for claiming the smiley, but most have no way to contact. There are other things but those are my tops things...For now
  4. Most the of the road side sign hides around here are located in rest area's or on back road routes, with very little traffic. If I should happen to seek one in a busier area there are plenty of near by parking lots or other wide open spaces.
  5. Here in No. Central Ohio caches are still being published. Nothing urban or suburban. No LPC's or GRC's. Majority of Parks, State Parks are still open, although they have shut down some parking area's at trailheads and such in order to discourage large gatherings. They have implemented that some walking trails and pathways are one way. Meaning that if you start out on a, lets say, 5 mile loop you are doing 5 whether ya want to or not haha. I can not really fathom how that can even be enforceable tho. There are no real travel restrictions
  6. Aw, quill pen! Also would look quite dashing in ma hat!. That's the one mark maker that I do not have. I too have used the ol' red ink method...albeit unintentionally.
  7. I always have a pen, They may not always work but I have em. Once I went after a FTF, Got 2 pens so I am good to go. Got to the cemetery, Found the cache..Aw nice, New, Unsigned log. Dug my trusty ink stick out of my pocket...Crap, No worky. Cool, I'll just walk the 50ft back to the truck and grab my spare. So I grab the pen & I walk back to GZ, Got back to the cache site and that pen too said..Nope, Not today! So I laughed, The pen laughed and the cache just gave the pen and I both a look of amusement. So I drive off to find the closest convenience store to get a NEW pen. Needless to say after getting back, that once new, unsigned log now a nice new sig...And now I carry a combo of about a dozen pens, pencils, Fine tip magic markers and even Crayons.
  8. Maybe, Just maybe..For those of you that absolutely refuse to sign the log, May I suggest Pokey-Man Go. A "Game" more conducive to what you are wanting to do.
  9. If one is going to go through all the REQUIRED steps in order to log a find..Find Ground zero & Find the actually cache. Then, Why not just go the distance and perform the most important step..and actually sign the log (With gloves)?
  10. Here in Ohio ( North Central) Caches are still being published, and cachers are still finding them.
  11. I have had that happen to me as well. Usually only last just a short time while in map view. See it as unfound then start heading to it..then it turns to a smiley. I will check the cache page for my log and, Yup found it.
  12. Hrrrrmm. Where would one keep his or her writing stick??
  13. Got the notification for the new give away about 2hrs ago. Filled out the form, It was accepted. So we'll see If I get one.
  14. Are you sure that you want to put your finger in there??
  15. After getting 50+ over the weekend. We needed five more and finished up and Got our Turtle on Monday.
  16. After getting 6 tonight after work, Got our world Turtle today after a furious last 3 days where I got 53...No Power trails were used in the making of this achievement lol
  17. I have actually used the Hard hat, Safety vest, and clip board Before. Several times. Kept in the back of my car. Must say it worked like a charm. Back in the day when I first started Caching in and around Las Vegas I use to print out all the cache pages and keep em on a clipboard ( Pre techy Days). Then I would take it a step further and actually use my GPSr like it was a meter of some sort! Could go anywhere and do most anything and no one really gave no mind to what I was doing. But now a days I find that if you just act like you belong and do not act like some creeper, People will not give you a second thought.
  18. I have done them, But not really my thing. Always feel as though the entire neighborhood is watching. I keep expecting the cops to show up Because some random dude diggin around in peoples bushes doesn't look sketchy at all lol
  19. They are usually pretty quick about it. I put in for a name change Friday after C.O.B, and it was approved first thing yesterday (Monday) morn.
  20. Best post of the Thread!..This is exactly why I do log all of our finds, not because the numbers matter so much. I just look at it as a courtesy to the cache owner.
  21. We use the Palm M515 w/ cachemate, along with Gsak. Cant really see the point of changing our setup and the added expense to basically get the same results as we do now. Rock On
  22. As long as its done fairly, I don't see why not. Rock On
  23. This is very good news!! thanks for all your hard work on putting this issue to bed. Just did it, and it worked like a charm. Well, except for the fact that I neglected to save the changes to the HEX file the first time I tried it LOL. Rock on
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