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  1. Several of you have requested to have a local spy on Vinny while he does one of his maintenance visits. That is just what I did on Thursday, not because I wanted to see his methods first hand, but because my team (Team Psycho) was going for this cache early Saturday morning and knowing the exact cache placement was highly critical to our endeavors. Below are four photographs of Vinny performing his maintenance run, which I shot from a secret location overlooking the Potomac River and the cache site. I could not figure how to make the images appear in the post so here are the links. Picture 4 Picture 7 Picture 14 Picture 21 Enjoy
  2. If you can get the cache, I cannot imagine not being able to put it back. My congratulations go out to the person or team who got the yellow line up there, you were really close. Hopefully, I will get to make an attempt soon, I just wish I were 60lbs lighter.
  3. I guess what is missing here is that the CAM picnic really is not the event, the event is getting together with your good caching buddies, and setting off on an epic journey across the state of Maryland. The picnic, well that is just a bonus, a time for us all to reflect on the journey we chose to undertake, the true treasure is the journey itself. Would I partake in CAM if the event was not listed, of course, but if CAM were not list on GC.com then it would truly limit these events to just those who are members of the Maryland Geocaching Society. Instead by it being listing on GC.com the event is open to anyone willing and able to partake in the journey.
  4. Popular, yes, this years the CAM had 75 attended logs, compared to the last two picnics I have attended which only had 50 and 61 attended logs.
  5. My recommendation would be to take your appeal for an exemption to TPTB just as the MGS did. If TPTB feel your event meets the spirit of the guidelines as the CAM did, it will be approved.
  6. http://www.gpsdiscount.com has them bare bone for $399.00, and with the auto navigation kit for $534.00, both with free shipping. Auto Kit, contains the following: Bean bag mount, dash mount, cigarette adapter, North America City Select DVD v 7.0 w/full unlock code. Edit: Plus you get to take an extra $50.00 off from Garmin.
  7. This is the largest cache that I have placed. Catz Eye
  8. I agree with Metaphor, Quiggle is a great reviewer. He/She should get the ROTY (Reviewer of the Year) award. Thanks for making caching so much fun in Maryland.
  9. Final bump, the event is tomorrow. Six new caches hidden, along with 5 existing caches in the park, do you have the legs to hit them all? See you in the morning. LINK Edit to fix Link
  10. hmmm, blue vertical bar... How about an asp .net web page?
  11. Copy all the code between the <body> </body> tags (not including the <body> </body> tags) and paste it in the description, click edit listing and you are done. Remember only HTML will work no JAVA or other script, enjoy.
  12. HOLY CRAP!!! where in the world did you get that size of an ammo can??? $15 @ Sunny's...Link to Cache Edit:Link Added
  13. Bump-Just under 2 weeks to go... All are welcome.
  14. I would like to be able to use the test signals from the two new WAAS birds...60csx
  15. N21 27.343 W157 49.783 Shirley I. Guested right?
  16. Wow, this gives a completely new meaning to briers and poison ivy.
  17. Just remember that a puzzle cache “may” not be visited as often as a regular cache would in the same area, if you are ok with that you can make puzzle cache as easy or difficult as you want. I currently have 3 puzzles caches and 1 regular cache active.
  18. Sorry Hobo Dude, but my next cache is going to be a puzzle. But for this one I am going to be placing a solution card into another cache. Additionally as with all my puzzles, since this game is “supposed” to be fun all you have to do is ask and I can help. I tend to lean towards puzzles, because of the fun I have creating and solving them.
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