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  1. On closer inspection you will also note that the 6th pylon is being used as a staging area to transport alien grays through the Alpha 6 Wormhole to earth. As everyone knows by being that close to a wormhole a person risks transportation into an alternate universes.
  2. I have never seen an extreme cache ...just extreme cachers willing to do anything to get a smiley .
  3. The Leprechauns are correct, it is NPS property but there are a few Earth Caches.
  4. Looks like CAM2007 has been listed, who is planning on participating? I know there will be a bunch of us in Maryland doing it, how about you all in the surrounding states?
  5. If it has of been a new X series Garmin I might have said that.
  6. I don't know, maybe the Garmin got lost. Maybe it was being adversely affected by this pending magnetic pole reversal I keep hearing about.
  7. Check out Stony Creek Excursion. The Upper Yough Trek might be a little more white water then you want, plus you would need to do it during a dam release. It is a great hike though.
  8. Hey Vinny, I CITO’d the cave at stage one of PUC14 today; you might want to change the name to Psycho Backcountry Cache 5 now, it is looking nice. You don’t need to worry though, I left the protector of the parking lot, there was no way I was touching that one. I know this belongs in another tread but I just had to say it, “You might be a redneck if you leave a dear carcass in front of a cache.” I keep waiting to hear someone playing a banjo here.
  9. I still remember you getting your golden ammo can like it was yesterday, wtg Larry and family.
  10. ALL LIES, you don't like puzzle caches do you.
  11. Vinny, I demand a refund; our contract specifically stated that you would never reveal our true identity.
  12. Well put that way I could easily make a case for this cache being in the top .1% of caches. I like those two caches you listed, I wish they were a little closer to Maryland.
  13. There are many threads where this topic is discussed, I personally like the PMOC caches because you can view who has looked at the cache and how often.
  14. As a finder of this cache “PUC13” this it by far the most difficult cache I have done, and "one" of the most difficult caches I have ever seen. I am sure there are caches out there that are harder to retrieve then this one, but if I had to guess I would place this one somewhere in the top 1% of caches as far as being extremely inaccessible. Now if I where a skilled rock climber or could afford other specialized equipment, I might think this cache was easier. I guess difficulty is really in the perception of the finders.
  15. So that is why it was so easy to log PUC13.
  16. Here is a picture of the location that was sent into Frank at Post Secret. Facing the "cave" the book was in the upper right in some roots.
  17. Sorry, I forgot what it was like not to have broadband. This is what I had sent to those who asked, "The coordinates take you to a very cool location in the Schaeffer Farm area of Seneca Creek State Park. They are located in a small, almost dry creek bed. The cool thing is that there is a tree growing in the middle of the creek, the up stream side of the creek bed from the tree is a good six feet higher then the down stream side. The down stream side has formed a small canyon. At the tree, there is a large undercut which forms a small cave, ~4' high and ~10' deep and 10' wide. The person who posted the coordinates had left a copy of the post secrets book in the cave, which I left for the next person who visits the site. I am guessing that there will be a Geocache here in the near future, once all the post secret stuff dies down. David (Vyper4) " The news article was wrong, there is no golf course...
  18. I contacted Frank at Post Secret and asked if they posted the coordinates, this was his reply. Wow
  19. Anyone who wants to know what it is send me an email through my profile. Sorry it was looking like rain so I did not take out the camera.
  20. Don't tell them how easy it was, now everyone will come looking for this cache.
  21. For those who may be considering tackling this cache, I will rank several different retrieval methods by safety, difficulty, and price. Safety * Not Safe, ***** Safe Difficulty * Very Hard, ***** Easy Price * Expensive, ***** Cheap Helicopter Safety ** Difficulty ***** Price ** Rope Assisted Climb Safety ***** Difficulty **** Price * Free Climb Safety * Difficulty *** Price ***** Our Engineering Method Safety ***** Difficulty ** Price ****
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