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  1. eep...eep...giggle...zip...zoop...CLICK...taptap...taptap... [apparently taptap knows how to work an iphone camera? little bugger!]
  2. Zelanzy

    Icon Cointest

    Yay! I'll get you a revised 32x32 & 16x16 of the more detailed icon. I'll be sure to give it a transparent background (its white now).
  3. Zelanzy

    Icon Cointest

    I might be stupid, but did not understand... All four icons in post #10 are 32x32 That's a 5 second fix, I'll get them posted tonight. Sorry about that! Edit: 32 and 16 (just for the steeple icon, the other icon doesn't really work well): Just for fun, here is the full size of the other icon, it works much better 500 x 500!
  4. I went to that site, changed currency to USD, and its showing $22 per coin. Is that correct?
  5. If we requested some on FB do we have to reserve there too? And if we have not reserved there will we miss out on what we'd requested on FB? CF30 If you reserve through this link then it would take precedence over anything already submitted to me. But I did move prior reservations (from my informal FB process) over into this database already. I'll go with your latest submission, sorry for the confusion!
  6. Opening TapTap's free reservation to the public (was just communicated to facebook/twitter fans until now). Just a few specials left! I should have sample pics soon. TapTap Reservation Information & Form
  7. Zelanzy

    Hamster Coin

    I love animal coins, so I'd probably buy one to give to my son in a few years. The thing with animals is that you can go 2 routes which provide a drastically different result: 1. a detailed 3D actual replication of a hamster 2. a cartoony repreentation Now I prefer cartoony but I am most definately the minority! ~Zel
  8. +1 on nickel over silver. To me it's a just a "must have" to have this in 2 metals: 1. A "cool-colored" plating: nickel, silver, chrome 2. A "warm-colored" plating: copper, brass, gold The variations between the cool (and warm) platings can be adjusted for in the head (same with antiquing). Of course I'd prefer a bunch but really just 1 plating form each of those groups would work for me.
  9. Thanks for the google form idea for reservations! That is a novel idea. Also, GREAT design!
  10. You should see her sample colors, she is TOTALLY holding out
  11. Enjoy your coins folks and no need to post link, honor system
  12. I've shown my geocoinfest release (ZeeZee) to just a few folks. Now I'm really bad at keeping secrets so I'll probably post sample pics and this thread would be a great place! Of course all my facebook fans are spoiled (no pun intended!) with exclusive content I will let one cat out of the bag. ZeeZee will have a special King Boreas version. Vanelle and I are sponsoring his Friday event and I'll release that version then (and later that night I'll post it here). He is picking all the colors, which means it'll probably be bright hippy colors (teehee). My son and I have enjoyed a LOT of his caches since I live in his drop zone
  13. This coin and your blog inspired me to make my first coin last year, and the rest is history. I am still trying to get any version of the original, so I'd also be interested in any future mints!
  14. Wow, awesome and grand project! Nice work brainstormin' this up.
  15. I love this design, I'm quite sure the samples will be stunning. About the quantities: I think if you just "don't do" what I did my first solo project, then you'll be good. I minted 400 of a coin...what was I thinking?! Personally, I'd probably go 200 or 250. I've seen all your colors though (and ONE that I just LOVE) so I have an unfair advantage! ~Zel
  16. Old gem still for sale, I just added one to my order of season series. How awesome is this COIN?!
  17. Easy decision for me...the one with ORANGE on it . Just grabbed one, LOVE the back.
  18. Grabbed a set, thanks for such an awesome and economical coin!
  19. Canoeing is my 2nd favorite hobby, so props to hitting what we do in MN on the head! Many a days can I be seen with a very BRIGHT red canoe on the roof of my car! Ok...I withdraw my "Meanies" comment so as to conform with MN's "Minnesota Nice" policy. I should probably register at some point, BAH missed the discount...I'm late for everything these days! Folks, go register and meet myself and my gang of animalistic coins at GCF!!! TapTap and ZeeZee are waiting to taptastically zeezee'ify you!!!
  20. Zelanzy


    Nice! I need a copper to match my other one...I'm sure we will bump into eachother at GCF 10 or stop by my booth!
  21. Sounds like you are talking about a wicked rave party or something lol. Yes, TAPTAP and I have contracted out to DJ ZeeZee, and we're planning to take over the Bonny Doon beach and have us a party!! I'm so glad that someone (perhaps just 1 person on earth!) understands my product line! I try to keep it simple but it gets so confusing when you have 6 versions of each heh...the things I do to myself and my poor mint
  22. Sounds like you are talking about a wicked rave party or something lol.
  23. LOL Joni.. that's exactly why I didn't do it! ~J Yeh, gotta skip the textures. Just keep it simple. The 24 pieces of pie that show the translucents over the metal with recessed area is the "must have", anything else is a "nice to have". Zel
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