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  1. I'm in alignment with River Cacher here. I just go with the flow, if its allowed great, if its not allowed thats OK too. I think both him and I would agree that if you just tell us what we can and can not do ahead of time, then we will follow those rules. The issue is that we just don't know the rules most of the time, which is, I believe, what initially spurred this whole thread. Edit: I should mention I'm a vendor at the GCF main event, if that wasn't clear. See, we also want to sell outside the main event, but aren't allowed. And what isn't clear is if "side events" are considered "outside the main event" or not. Does "outside the main event" literally mean outside in the hallway? Or does it mean the hotel, or does it mean any event that is on the agenda of GCF? Last year, as Anne mentioned, people were selling at the meet and greet. So is that OK? If non-vendors (event participants) can sell at the meet and greet, why aren't paying vendors allowed to do the same? I KNOW some of the vendors last year were upset by hallway selling, not because of the competition, but because they specifically were disallowed from doing so. It was my first year, so I wasn't quite sure what to make of it heh!
  2. So as to reuse this thread...I have a coin, that I am almost certain wouldn't be a approved by GS because it is not family friendly. Its not offensive, its not X rated, it just isn't very kid friendly. Think of it as a "knife" design, while that is not the actual design, it is similar in that it is a tool that could be used as a weapon. Could I mint it with a hole in it, and include a free travel bug with the sale? Yeh, I'm way in left field here...maybe I should just make it a sig item...and if someone wants to add their own travel bug...then so be it! That's probably a WAY better course now that I think about it!!! ~z
  3. God of MEH, I offer to purchase you so that mint luck shall be bestowed upon me and that though shall instead curse thy jackals and all the girlish forms they attempt to disguise themselves as!
  4. That is correct, it is in the vendor contract. We are not allowed to sell outside of the main event. Selling at other GCF events seems to be a bit of a gray area. I personally think that GCF has an opportunity to cover more event costs by adding a "sponsorship structure" to the side events. ~z
  5. !!! All I'd like to add is that there is a PARTY in the CORNER of GCF 2010 !!! ok ok, to keep the post on topic I'd also like to add that in MN you do not need a vending license to sell at a convention. I checked Minnesota, Minneapolis and Bloomington. You do need a peddler license if selling in the public though, so please keep that in mind if you plan on selling geocoins out of your van down by the river ~z
  6. I did this with my first 2 coins and it was pretty fun, getting everyone involved and whatnot. Then went a bit more solo with taptap (just facebook fans helped out here and there), and kept zeezee completely in the dark. I had a oversight on zeezee because of this, so I guess I have mixed thoughts on "collaboration" vs. "secret"!!! Pros and cons of each, that is for SURE! Anyhow, I certainly learned different and new things with each process (collaboration vs. secret). Ok, back to the coin! This is a great one and I'm REALLY interested in how that 3D back is gonna turn out!!!
  7. I'd be game as an attendee and vendor. My son will be 4.5 in 2012, should be about time for him to road trip with me . Airports not a high priority since I'd probably be driving (2 states away). The only thing I see going against ya is Utah, Montana and Minnesota are located in a North-Westerly area of the country...in other words...if GCF 2011 was in an eastern state of some sort that would be a good thing for Montana in 2012!
  8. About the face fur lines, I'm a fan of simple and would just remove them. I think the perspective still holds with them removed. You did remove some lines around the ear and that worked in a similar fashion. Just a thought .
  9. I just realized I had a mystery coin that had tracking info on the side. Posted a discovery note to get the icon. Good idea which prevents ebayin! Creepy crawler 07
  10. Zelanzy

    Clay TikiCoins!

    Thanks much! 2 green 2 purple, lovin those versions!
  11. I just realized I was accidently holding WSR's activated coin for about 10 months, it was hiding away in a velvet bag from the poker game! Er um...I mean...taptap is to blame: ...taptap...taptap....meep!meep!....heehee....mmmmm....geckomeleon food....holding...it...hostage...yumyum eepepp! Note: Sooooo sorry WSR!!! But at least we were able to get this cool pic which is in line with this coins goal!!!
  12. Send a message to WRITESHOPROBERT. He has a super system for attaching a laminated card to a coin using a crimp wire tool. His tag is also well worded in my opinion. DON'T KEEP ME is how it starts
  13. Thanks for that tip Jackalgirl, I was wondering how my mint messed up simple straight lines on my last project. That pretty much explains it now that I think about it! I convert text to outlines but didn't realize other "thick" line shapes could be expanded!
  14. Thanks for this opportunity, I'll be submitting a design.
  15. Cool one! I love the back.
  16. In some locations where more coiner groups were involved, an order for the same coin color-scheme was split between multiple events.Could I please get a little clarification on this if possible? In MN there seem to be 2 fairly large groups of cachers. The 2 10y events each drew over 100 people! For 101010 I was wondering if we could do 1 single color set for MN that NOSNOW picks (he posted above) and we would just add to it for the other event. The event I'd like them for was already published and ready to go but I'm not sure the proximity of the events yet. Note: In reading through the 9-9-9 event website it seemed like this was encouraged for small groups not being able to get to 50, so hoping it would be encouraged for 2 massively large groups that easily get to 100! ~z
  17. Yes, but I'd recommend you send me a quick email to confirm. I also just sent you one. Also, the mint agreed to do the 3 glow colors on the face of the anti-copper version. So it will look and glow like the current sample does. I haven't gotten an estimate date completion date yet, but I'd guess mid August for now. Thanks, Z Sent you an email. I'm just recommending people confirm if you reserved via email (thats only a handful). You guys are both OK! ~Z
  18. Speaking as a local to the area who has lived in both Minneapolis, St. Paul and various other cities. The event is in not, technically, in Minneapolis either. It is in a suburb (Bloomington) right in between both Twin Cities. Either way, I'd recommend going with Twin Cities. Hey wait...does this mean you are attending?
  19. Zelanzy

    Clay TikiCoins!

    AWESOME! The pathtags turned out great too.
  20. Yes, but I'd recommend you send me a quick email to confirm. I also just sent you one. Also, the mint agreed to do the 3 glow colors on the face of the anti-copper version. So it will look and glow like the current sample does. I haven't gotten an estimate date completion date yet, but I'd guess mid August for now. Thanks, Z
  21. Do you have any more info on this coin? Lovin it.
  22. What I'm hoping is a quick question: What is the etiquette on ordering coins in states where there are multiple multi-events in the same area? For example, in MN there was 2 (or more?) 10 year events. I believe only 1 ordered coins, but what if both wanted to order coins? Did anyone bump into this for 9-9-9 or 10 year? Just piggy back and group order or? Thanks!
  23. nice donation, bid placed.
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