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  1. I'm pretty flexible here: 3: Any 2 reg, any 1 special 4: Any 2 reg, 1 of each special
  2. If you did want to buy specific ones, I'd recommend: http://www.brent-krueger.com/ http://www.coinsupplyexpress.com/ http://www.wizardcoinsupply.com/ All quotes below are 2.5" flips from BK. Keep in mind I prefer the non soft, non plastic, more archival-like flips (adding oil to a flip makes it soft...and less archival due to the presense of oil in the flip). SA Flips: They are mylar, which is not oil based, making them pretty stiff. The upside is that they are archival/museum quality and very clear. The downside is that they are expensive, $19.30 for 100. That is what I put my "numbered" coins in from the TapTap and ZeeZee line. You can shop around to get this price to $14-16 per 100. They are museum quality, meaning you can put a coin in it and the flip will never degrade or damage the coin. SAFTFLIPS (or Safety Flips): They are about half as expensive compared to the above and what I'll be ordering from now on. Read on cointalk (a coin collecting site...as in regular currency coins) that they were pretty good too. They have less softeners (less oil) than a normal vinly flip and are virtually plastic free. $8.50 for 100. You can shop around to get this price to $6-7. They are archival quality and meet the needs of most collectors. Vinly flips: These are oil based, plasticy, soft and very inexpensive. About $6.50 per 100. You can shop around for a much better deal on these though. If you have a chinese source they cost pennies. They are low quality, in a few years your coins could be damaged by them.
  3. For those planning ahead, ZeeZee regular editions (oil & water) are $11 each. The special editions are only going to be sold in a 3 or 4 coin set (so $33 or $44). Limit: 1 set per person for 1st hour, then all limits removed. Thanks!
  4. Oh too funny, my gps, iphone and all pocket queries turn multi's off (since I almost never do them...I cache with a 2.5 year old with no patience heh). I just did a unflitered look at the area and found the multi. Saaweet!! Thanks for this...I was hoping the frog card wasn't the only "prize"
  5. Hey, I just did the gooseberry falls wildlife safari with my family yesterday. It was a series of 5 caches leading to the final ammo box. Really good views, I've been to gooseberry falls over 10 times but this series of caches took me to places I've never seen before! I just wish I could count these 5 caches here at gc.com ~Z
  6. Ye thrill: reservations flyin in / orders chuggin' / positive comments / 100 facebook likes Ye LOL: taking 5 mint artwork passes to center a pupil in an eye socket / straight line as in no curve!!! / surprising mint by saying thank you in Chinese Ye reward: failing twice to succeed once / a design so good a customers require a remint / + vs - on tax form Lives for these things, sir zelanzy does. I say go for it!
  7. I just had 2 regular edition ZZ's go for $22-23 ea. The waiting list price is $11! The buyer collects turtle coins, of any type (not just geocoins). So I think what happens on eBay is you occasionally (and unintentionally) tap into a new market. But more often then not it's likely just crazy collector fever!
  8. What's the one in the top left corner of tis pic ? That is a non-trackable coin designed in part by anne and eli and minted by cache addict.http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=251891
  9. Ended up going with these icons. Its a blend of 3 & 5 with some lines thickened. Thanks all!
  10. Woe...is...ZeeZee... Always...in...the shadow... Always...covered in oil... Always...covered in water... Eating....the...Yemons...oh...and...Yimes Sitting... and lonely...in caches...by...King...Boreas Woe...is...ZeeZee... Waiting list full...BUT...those at Geocoinfest get first pick! I haven't worked out the details, but the Yemon Yime and King Boreas special editions will likely be available in just a 4 coin set. Singles of the 2 regular editions (Oil & Water) will be available too. I will also have a limited number of TapTap's available, namely the glow version:
  11. I agree! We need more coins with pearl!!!
  12. Got my KOOKY KLOWNS yesterday...very nice!!! I'll say it again, that back on the anti silver coin is just AWESOME! I've been looking for a way to get small animals on a coin and that is an excellent solution (downward pressing the bodies into the metal). The alternative for me is to have the bodies raised with the outline being filled enamel...hmmm we'll see...I'm digressing a bit aren't I heh.
  13. Love it. One of anything I have for that. Find me at party corner GCF 2010.
  14. I want one of every version ever to be produced. Love it!
  15. Yeh, I got very busy with work & school. I did write back once to give you a little update, did you get that? I'll probably just hit you up to wire wrap one for personal use
  16. Closing down the waiting list, thanks all!
  17. TapTaps are now for sale in the UK at Geotastic.com. Exchange rate isn't so good right now though Regular Edition Set, Bling Bling, Pink for the cure, and Artist Edition (Zelanzy Zedition).
  18. I sent ya an email on August 20th and haven't heard back, resent!
  19. Hmm. I'll print off ALL my coin purchase receipts for the year and call them 'research'. You don't do that already! I call em "color/metal samples"
  20. Which icon do you guys like the best? Designed 6 for now: 1. Grayscale 2. Purple shell, Orange Scales 3. Purple shell, Blue scales 4. Green shell, Yellow scales 5. Green shell, Blue scales 6. Green shell, Orange scales Thanks!
  21. Sent (hagglecoins) but given the time I'm sure I was too late heh.
  22. Well I live here so it's pretty easy! Big thanks to NOSNOW and crew for putting together the bid and runnin it!!! Some notes for you all...Find caches by X if you like Y. Posen ... Comedic/funny/creative King Boreas ... Well he has it all... Topgear ... Go crazy/like misery/challenging They are my fav 3! Keep in mind I'm a north burb cacher and the event is in the south burbs!
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