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  1. Wow. A lot of Facebook haters. Whatever.... As with anything...it is what you make of it. It has been a great way to reconnect with old friends and keep in touch with current friends. Adding the Like button to caches is just one more way to connect people and give them a voice. I 'Like' it.
  2. I wish I had you, "fingers, around to figure out what the combo has been switched to! Then I could just take it off and replace it with a different lock. My skills don't seem to be up to par! I am going to work on it though....
  3. I put out a new multi a month or so ago and it seems to be pretty well received. Today I received a message from a fellow cacher saying that they had found the first stage, found the final, figured out the combination to access the final, but the combo didnt work. When I went out to check it.....yep....the word combo has been changed. it is a masterlock that you can change the reels to make them spell what you like. if you are so inclined, when you have it open, you can pop the spring loaded end off and switch the combination. the final is visible and the lock accessible, but you would have no idea the correct combination unless you found the first stage.....which to me, means that it was tampered with by a fellow cacher. To me, this is the most disappointing part. I put time and effort into making this fun, and now I am contemplating archiving it after a month. if I want to continue with it, I am going to find bolt cutters to remove and a new lock...with the faith that they will not just come back and mess with it again..... thoughts??
  4. Thank you all for the replies. I recieved some firetacks for Christmas and am now in devious planning mode
  5. I'm relatively new to this but have had a lot of fun already (searching and hiding). Now, I've got it in my head that I want to create a Night Cache for my area. I would assume that there is no substitue for actaully experiencing what is already out there....but I know I may not have that opportunity soon. A buddy of mine and I attempted finding one earlier this year, but a beacon was down...leaving us unable to finish. But I see the possibility and want to put one together here. What I'm asking, is aside from reflectors/firetags, what else is out there or what have you experienced that made a night cache memorable? If you've created one - what obstacles should I be watching out for? Thanks in advance for thoughts/ideas!
  6. It's about a mile away on an island in the middle of a lake. My lack of boat kept me from it this summer....but as winter approaches, I'm sure the ice is going to freeze. And you will be mine. Oh, Yes.....you will be mine! [cue evil cackling laughter]
  7. Is there an easy way to locate night caches in your area? i've wanted to try one out.....but not sure the best way to lacate one in my area. any thoughts are appreciated
  8. Does anyone know if the Palm Pre can be used for geocaching? my hope is that there may be an app in the future similar to the IPhone app. Does anyone have a Palm Pre that they have tried using the existing GPS? Please advise... ThePublixEye
  9. *** Do you know how I can download the older 2.6 version on my extrex legend cx? I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks for helping me.
  10. We have the exact problem with our legend cx, and would like to try to download the 2.6 version. Is that still working for anyone? Where do I find this download? Can someone please link me to the other versions? I tried the link above, but it no longer works. Thanks so much for your help in advance.
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