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  1. It also would be nice if we could have junction view in nuvi profile.
  2. In my Oregon 550 Birdseye is no longer profile independent. Now is enable or disable in all profiles. Can anyone confirm this please. I also noticed something strange when I pass through a tunnel. Now seems that when GPS loose satellite contact it resets Ephemeris data (?) and takes considerably longer than before to regain position (before was almost instantaneously after exiting the tunnel).
  3. I have a 550 and can confirm that this is not profile dependent. When enabled it's enabled in all profiles, and when disabled it's disabled in all profiles too.
  4. Is this for the all world or only for the US? It would be nice if it includes other regions.
  5. Have a Oregon 550 and when I enable or disable the CostumMaps in settings/maps it affects all profiles and not only the one I'm in. Anyone else have this problem too?
  6. well, I think it's a kind of automatic answer from Garmin...If you have problems master reset is the soluction Let's hope that a future update solve this...and other issues.
  7. I've experienced the same from time to time (not always) and post about it hear http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/message...w/home/13478565
  8. You must configure it the right way: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Power#toc9
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