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  1. Just got my 60C and am trying to connect it to a Mac G4 PowerBook with OS X thru the USB port. I tried the USB cable at first thinking that since there was a USB port it should be recognized like all other USB devices. There was no connection established with the USB cable. I then got a serial cable and a serial to com port adapter. I also bought MacGPS Pro because it seemed to support the 60C. I still can't get it to see the GPS unit. This site also said that the 60C will not work with the USB port because there are no USB drivers for Mac OS X yet. It seems like the combination of devices I have are not meant to work together. Anyone have any solutions or suggestions? Thanks, Don
  2. Just got my first GPS unit. It is a Garmin GPSMAP 60C. I have a Mac OS X computer and found that GPSconnect says it doesn't work with the 60C. Grrrr! Anyone find a work-a-round or another utility that will do the same thing? Thanks,
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