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  1. My pc doesn't recognize my Oregon 200, I plug in the usb cable and the gps just turns on. I've never seen it turn on completely under usb power. I'm runnin 3.82. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Wow I wonder what that's all about?? Is it actually WIFI capable? Or maybe it just has the ability to wirelessly share location data with other Garmins in the field? Most of the questions asked here are answered on the garmin website. the wireless is for transfrering info between "like" units.
  3. I definetly changed it. Thanks for all the info so far. My batteries do have a dual green ring aroud the top. I bought these batteries as I said before cause they worked fantastic in my digital camera. I think I'll keep charging them the way it's been going. I'm getting just over 4 hours now, so they are getting better. In the meantime I'm going to be looking for a new fancy charger. Anyone know where to get either the Powerex or La Crosse charger in Canada?
  4. Yeah that makes sense, seems all the chargers Energizer sells charges in pairs. I may have to look into a different charger.
  5. no name alkalines I get over 10 hours on. I was hoping the energizer's would fall between the alkaline and Lithium. Technically they should. On my digital camera I used to get 3 times the time with the NiMH over Alkaline. So I was kinda hoping for the same. 9 hours would be acceptable to me. But as it sits it'll take me 30 more charges to reach that number, lol.
  6. I have an Oregon 200. I originally bought Energizer Litium Ion batteries. With the Lithium I was getting 15+hours of run time. I went out and bought an Energizer NiMh charger set that came with 2500mah batteries. I have used these batteries in the past in digital cameras and have had great success. In the Oregon I got 2 hours on the first charge. I read somewhere that the batteries take a few charges to get up to full. Well I've gone through maybe 6 charges now and each time I get about 15 mins more run time. I'm up to about 4 hours now. This really sucks. I would expect maybe 10 hours run time initially and work up from there. Are these batteries (or the charger)defective? Any help would be much appreciated.
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