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  1. OK so far my favorite is Emerald Coast and MO and SC. Wow guys they sure are pretty!
  2. Indiana Pi Day Geocoin in a copper finish.
  3. If anyone has any 12-12-12 coins for sale that was NOT on the "trade" list I'd love to buy one. Basically I'm looking to get those coins NOT on the list below. Just send me an email at lisakcavanaugh@comcast.net. It's all I want for Christmas :/ 1. NW Washington 2. Rainbow Glow (Kaysville, UT) 3. Pink 4. South Bohemia, Czech Republic 5. Geoswag 6. MSE Naked Gold 7. Seattle, WA 8. Dartmoor, UK 9. SoCal High Desert, CA 10. Belgium 11. Twin Cities, MN 12. Manitoba, CA 13. Indiana 14. Michigan 15. Fayetteville, NC 16. Pilsen, Czech Republic 17. Maine 18. MSE Naked Antique Nickel 19.Eksjö, Sverige 20. St. Louis, MO (SLAGA) 21. Nova Scotia, CA – v2 Ant Bronze 22. Myrtle Beach, SC 23. St Joseph, MO 24. Peoria, IL 25. Nova Scotia, CA – v2 Ant Copper
  4. The Indiana 12-12-12 events were crazy busy! All my coins sold out. I still want to have one of each 12-12-12 coin in my collection (snowball in hell comes to mind) - If you have extras for sell please let me know. Thank you Mark for a beautiful design and thank you Michael for getting the coins finish and into our hands! Lisa
  5. The different coins are so pretty! Mark did a great job with the design and the event hosts have colored it beautifully! I so hope I will be able to get one of each for my collection....a person can dream
  6. Couldn't get the glitter where I REALLY wanted it, but still it's going to be pretty in Satin Gold!
  7. My (Indiana) color choices are submitted. I've updated the Google spreadsheet and sent an email to Michael.
  8. Love the kitty coins! I would like to get a set trade or buy - don't know what your "want" lists. Please let me know! Thanks! Lisa P.S. I cache every stray that comes to my house - I only have 9 at the moment. I try to collect all kitty coin
  9. The Indiana event was as SUCCESS! Lots of people, lots of fun! I have extra Indiana 11-11-11 coins if anyone is interested. The coin is 11.00. Shipping in USA is 3.25 S&H (includes delivery confirmation on USA sales) or $4.25 International. I will trade or buy the coins listed below. Just send me a PM thru my caching site. I am seeking: Northwest Washington Koeln, Germany Ontario, Canada Western Australia Emerald Coast, Florida Lisbon, Portuga GeocacherZONE, PortugalFigueira da Foz, Portugal O'ahu, Hawaii Nebraska Dunedin, New Zealand South New Jersey Auckland, New Zealand Napa and Sacramento, California Denver, Colorado Mississippi Costa Brava, Spain Peoria, Illinois Switzerland Florida Phoenix, Arizona Pittsburgh Bavaria, Germany Long Island, New York Sequim, Washington Thanks so much! Lisa Cache_Kitty
  10. Mine arrived late today. I heard the UPS truck stop and I ran out of the house to meet him! I'll try to get a good picture when and if the sun ever shines again in Indiana. For all you who opted in on the trade - your coins are stunning! Everyone's coin is my favorite! If anyone wants to do a person to person trade - let me know! Lisa
  11. Yes I am participating in the trade. Those coins are for my coin collection. I would like to have a couple of extra non-Indian coins for the drawing at my event.
  12. You opted in to trade - or at least that's what it looks like on the spread sheet. You should get the trades with your coins. CF30
  13. Does anyone want to trade their 11/11/11 coin for one of mine (Indiana)? I would like to have a couple of non-Indiana 11/11/11 coins as prizes for a drawing at my event. Send me an email if interested. Lisa
  14. Aw shoot - I didn't see Indiana
  15. The Indiana 11/11/11 event has been posted: GC35E2K I would like to have a couple of non-Indiana 11/11/11 coins as prizes. Would someone like to trade theirs for one of mine, before the event? Send me an email if you are interested! Lisa Cache_Kitty
  16. With all the discussions going on about trading/buying/selling, I just want to make my position clear.... I will trade my 11/11/11 coin (Indiana) with any other host for their coin before or after the event. I will buy any 11/11/11 coin from any host. I will sell my 11/11/11 coin to anybody after the event is over. I'm sure I will have extras. Send me an email if you want to arrange a buy/sell or trade. Thanks, Lisa Cache_Kitty
  17. I'd like to host the Indiana event.
  18. As per my email I'll take 2 sets. Cache_Kitty 2 sets lisakcavanaugh@comcast.net Can't wait to see the AE on Ebay!
  19. What a wonderful idea! I'll take 2.
  20. I also would love a set! Stunning coin! Have you started reservation list?
  21. My event has been posted. It is GC2FNB4 Lisa Cache_Kitty
  22. Mine, Indiana, arrived this afternoon via FedX. I shall be mailing out the oversea traders 1st. They looked great! Lisa Cache_Kitty
  23. They are all so beautiful! Thank you Mark (Avroair) for such a wonderful coin to color. If the other hosts don't already have a trade set up with me and want to, let me know. Hope to meet you at GCF 2010! Lisa
  24. Hi, I am interested in trading the Indiana version for ALL versions! If you're one of those hosts that don't trade coins then I am also willing to buy. Please send me an email thru Profile or PM, either is fine. Thanks! Lisa
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