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  1. Central Valley Cachers is on Facebook also and more active then on this forum. Check us out there as well.
  2. Ahh the old timers still like the old ways of communication... LOL :-) Honey have you seen my Gerital?
  3. Come to the CVC event this Saturday and meet a bunch of Central Valley Geocachers. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...dc-f7bcc0be9414
  4. Welcome Back! Nice to hear someone else is using a Android for geocaching. We use a couple Oregons and our Android phone with (reference to unauthorized application removed by Groundspeak) app. (reference to unauthorized application removed by Groundspeak) developer is great adding improvements almost weekly and really listens to input from users via facebook. Happy Geocaching! Team Red Jeep Wow I guess ground speak does not like the app and let post the name here? Interesting.
  5. LMAO... Well you beat Tami and I, we only managed 1 while we were there. Hope the first aid thing did not involve and catus. They can be real mean.
  6. I scared them away with my Jingle Bells parody...
  7. Caching through the snow With an free iPhone application Over the fields we go Loosing signal all the way Lids on canisters leaking Making logs wet What fun it is to find and hide Not a muggle in sight GPS dead, GPS dead, GPS needs new batteries Oh, no not another DNF tonight GPS dead, GPS dead, GPS needs new batteries Oh, no not another DNF tonight Happy Holidays!
  8. Point taken, Thank You I plan on making the lunch today to find out more about CV.
  9. It's a personal choice. Some folks delete log entries like that as it seems to snowball on subsequent visits/log entries (e.g. usually gets harsher in tone). I'm from the school of thought that as long as it's not a Terms of Use violation of the website (e.g. harrassing in nature, use of Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words" and that sort of thing), I think it's part of the cache history and leave it be. I might be tempted in a few cases, like yours, to post a Maintenance Log saying that I checked up on the caches and made sure all the "drunk fishermen" in the area had a warm meal and a place to sleep for the night My 0.02, which if you add with a couple of bucks will buy you a coffee at a Bistro. Thanks for your comments and input. I posted a maintenace log. Maybe I was little harsh? My Post " Wow, stereotyping all fishermen as drunks? You were there November 6 and seen a fisherman? All Stanislaus river parks are closed to fishing November 1 to December 31 for protection of the fall Chinook salmon run. You should have called Fish and Game. Yes, some fishermen drink to help pass the time waiting for the big catch but it is not against the law. I have always found fishermen courteous in the area. I also have had several occasions where I have seen Fish and Game, Stanislaus River Parks Rangers patrolling the area. As with any location in the world if you don’t feel comfortable being there alone then don’t be there. Sorry you did not enjoy the cache."
  10. Placed a couple cache's yesterday and this is the first comments I got from a person trying to be FTF on both cache's. "As with the other one in this area...PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY IN THIS AREA...attracts drunk fisherman" "While Im excited to try for a FTF so near the home grounds...Im also familiar with this area...and after scope'g it out hoping I was wrong, had to turn this one down....PLEASE BE CAREFUL IN THIS AREA WITH YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY...while the river provides beautiful views....it also provides drunk fisherman" I think she is stereo typing fisherman as drunks? I to am fimiliar with the area, I would not recommend my wife goes there alone, but I would recommend the same for many cache locations. Maybe she is just pissed she could not find them? My question is should I remove the post as to not scare geocachers away or leave it? Thanks
  11. I have the 400t and agree the 100k Topo USA it comes with sucks! I have upgraded to the new 24k Topo West (not the old Mapsource verison, this one https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=35407 ) it has routable roads and trails. I'm amazed how many off road and hiking trails are routable in my area, Sierra Nevada range and Nevada. The 400t is now the all around awesome GPS it should have been from Garmin. I would have liked to not had to buy more software for it but it was worth it. I love geocaching and my back country adventures with it. I started several years ago with a Garmin eMap, and 400t has come a long way from that. One thing with the 400t for navigation is you want to be sure you are in the right profile, Automotive and I think recreation mode will put you on streets with turn by turn routes, in the geocaching mode gives you only point to point straight line. I got the 24k for about $85 on Amazon
  12. Latest GPS Software Version is 3.70 Select Unit Software here, follow instructions: http://www8.garmin.com/support/download.jsp
  13. We have been thinking we need to come to one of your events. We already had plans the day of Boo Bash and we have dog herding event this Saturday. Maybe next time!
  14. LOL they really SHOULD learn to check all bomb reports on geocaching.com first! My last cache I placed is made from a black plastic sprinkler and sprinkler riser. I was thinking when I made it looks like a pipe bomb. I was thinking if a muggle finds it they will think it was placed by a tree terroist to blow up a tree. GO CACHN was first to find and did not blow up.
  15. I am new to the 400T and am not sure how to set up these profiles that you mentioned. Can you run through a quick description of how to set them up and then how you switch at the cache? Profiles are already set up from Garmin. Just find the profile icon and select the profile you want. All of them can be tweaked to your likings, but Garmin did a good job setting them up. I also use nuvi on the dash and Oregon 400t for the final approach. If we are off road or hiking for caches we just the Oregon. nuvi 750 and 765 we have just to big to fit in my hand. Also hate getting close and not having a compass.
  16. I have the 400T (US topo) and the map for my county has all roads off about .2 of a mile on the North/South axis and .1 East/West axis. Funny thing is landmarks and waterways are dead on. I can drive a half a mile from my home in to the next county and all roads are dead on. The map show bends in the road to line up at the county lines when in real life there is not. I contacted Garmin regarding the issue and they told me the topo maps are set up to match the contours of terrain not roads. The funny thing is my whole county is flat plus or minus a couple feet. I know for a fact they or USGS screwed up years ago when doing my county. I had the same issue with my Garmin emap and US topo 5 or 6 years ago. Back then Garmin told me it was an error in the map data. You would think they could have corrected it by now, Nope. Don't get me wrong I love my Garmin products, just disappointed to spend almost $500 on something almost useless in my county. So when I geocache in my county it's the nuvi on the dash and the Oregon compass when I get close. Good thing I can hook up both at the same time to comunicator to download GPX files to both.
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